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  • Da Yi

    Da Yi (大益)
    Originally Da Yi was name of Pu-erh tea’s brand from old Menghai tea factory.
    Menghai tea factory was one of big manufacturers of tea in Yunnan during 1938-1950.
    Menghai tea factory is known for its production of ripe ( Shu ) Pu-erh tea.
    Later on Da Yi became an official brand of Menghai tea factory.
    Da Yi Tea Group Company was established in 2004, since then Menghai tea factory has been one of the members.

  • Nan Jian

    Nanjian Tea Factories ( 南涧 )
    category includes products from 3 different tea factories located in Nanjian area.
    1. Yunnan Nanjian Cha Chang 
    2. Nanjian Hi Long Tan  
    3. Tuling Feng Huang

    Yunnan Nanjian Cha Chang 
    factory doesn't have a long tea producing history in Yunnan province,

    but it’s known their Phoenix(Fenghuang) Tuo Cha branded by Gu De.
    The factory has been established in 1985 and since then they started produce the Phoenix tuo cha.
    The tea factory is located Wu Liang shan ( Wuliang mountain ) ,
    so most of the tea material comes from growing around old and arbor tea trees.

  • Xia Guan

    Xia guan Tuo Cha (下关沱茶)
    Xia Guan Tuo Cha ,also named Yunnan Tuo Cha that is origin from Ming Dynasty.
    It is one of compressed forms of Pu Er Tea, usually it`s smaller than pu-erh tea cake,
    that is easily to carry to anywhere,therefore it had been popular during the Ancient
    Tea Route. Xiaguan Tuo Cha is known as high quality tea with long history
    and typical intensive Cha Qi with smoky flavor.

  • Zhong Cha

    Zhong Cha company (中茶)
    Zhong Cha was Established in 1949 and it was the first national tea company in China.
    Within few years company expanded and became a major trade company of Chinese tea .
    This company had been manufacturing lot of high quality Pu-erh tea, hei cha ,
    black tea, green tea, etc. for many years now . All of teas are branded as ‘Zhong Cha Pai’.

  • Meng Ku Rong Shi

    Mengku Rong Shi (勐库戎氏)
    Mengku Rong Shi tea factory is based in Shuangjiang ,south-west of Yunnan province.
    It is a family-run business for the last three generations which is more than a hundred years.
    Nowadays Rong Shi still follows the traditional way of of tea production and besides organic black tea is mainly focused on Sheng Pu-erh tea.

  • Hai Wan - Lao Tong Zhi

    Hai Wan - Lao Tong Zhi  ( 海湾 - 老 同志 (下关沱茶 )
    Lao Tong Zhi ( in translation - Old comrades ) is one of famous Yunnan tea brands from Hai Wan Tea factory set up by two founders of the tea factory who are maters of processing Pu-erh tea in China.

  • Yunnan Dian Hong Ji Tuan

     Yunnan Dian Hong Ji Tuan ( 云南滇红集团 )
    "Yunnan Dian Hong Ji Tuan", this company is originally known for the black tea, but
    Tuo Cha is also one of the types of their products.

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    "Da Ye" - big leaf , Sheng Puer from famous Mengku Rongshi tea factory. Spring harvest of big tea leaf variety is processed and pressed by stone in tea factory into the 500g cake. Tea with very light smoky scent and slow , but lasting Hui Gan. Kunming dry stored for many years and has developed settled matured taste .

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    "The King of the arbor trees" has a fair amount of bigger leafs and it has a good potential for longer storage. "Mei Li" sweetness along with front bitter taste leaving bit dry sensation on your tongue. "Sheng Jing" is noticeable and  fast Hui Gan with light flowery notes. Late spring harvest pressed in summer.

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    CNY 620.00 In Stock

    Sheng pu-erh from Mengku Rongshi tea factory. Spring harvest of tea  is pressed by stone in tea factory into the 500g cake. The term "Mu Shu" - stands for - Mother Tree. The tea liquor has very settled and smooth taste without any excessive bitterness. Vivid orchid notes combined with light smoky fragrance. Gentle graduating sweet aftertaste "hui gan"...

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    CNY 575.00 In Stock

    Spring harvest from small arbor tea trees growing at tea garden owned by Rongshi company in Mang Fei village . "Da Ye" - big leafs, typical for that area, are pressed by stone in into the 500g cake. Mangfei tea is distinctive from other in that area. It has a rather bitter and astringent front taste which is turning to the sweet sensation in throat in...

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    CNY 610.00 In Stock

    Spring harvest Mengku tea is pressed by stone in into the 500g cake. The name "Ben Wei Da Cheng " freely translated as The Original Flavor is The Best One , and this cake is very close but not exactly as we use to drink from Rongshi tea company at their factory in Megku. Tea liquor with chrysanthemum fragrance reminding famous Bing Dao tea, yet with some...

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    CNY 660.00 In Stock

    Sheng pu-erh from Mengku Rongshi tea factory named as "Cha Hun" - Tea Spirit. Intensive fragrance of flower garden, smooth liquor with very light bitterness is suggesting this tea for another year or two for storage for people who are sensitive to that kind of taste. Brewing time is very short and within 2nd infusion you get very rich and clean tea soup...

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    This is a 2nd batch produced in April 2006 because the 1st one was very successful that time ( we have 2 cakes left in private storage ) The 1st batch is not available on market anymore but some vendors still claim they have it and sell it that way. There is a slight difference in wrapping and some taste difference between those two. The 1st. one is...

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    Sheng pu-erh from Mengku Rongshi tea factory. Spring harvest of tea  is pressed by stone in tea factory into the 500g cake. The term "Mu Shu" - stands for - Mother Tree Brewed tea leafs have still their better body but provide persistent long lasting "hui gan". Suitable for "throaty sweetness" and vivid "ba qi" power pu-erh tea lovers or for long term...

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    CNY 520.00 In Stock

    This autumn harvest from Mengku area processed by hand and pressed by stone traditional way in Rong shi tea factory back in 2006. , Dark yellow tea liqour has a rich lotus aroma ballanced with smooth / not disturbing smoky notes. The term "gu hua"  stands for the time when rice grains are mature / ready for picking - autumn  

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    CNY 90.00 In Stock
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    Sweet taste after 3rd infusion starts to emerge. Also color is more vivid and dark red after few brewings. The rich cream taste with very slight touch of walnuts can hold till 5-6th infusion, then color with taste gently fades away.

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    CNY 42.00 In Stock

    this tea is rather bitter than sweet and not that rich, but it gives slight sweet feeling under tongue after few infusions. Tea soup is deep red color and has a smokey touch . This could be suitable for people who like drinking coffee without sugar. Wouldn't be our best choice for shu cha, but it obtained popularity among our Russian customers so we...

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    CNY 30.00 In Stock

    this hard pressed sheng tuo fills room with intensive smokey scent within the first infusion. Clean yellow tea soup is rich and full in mouth with sweet sensations under tongue followed buy gentle huigan. Typical characteristics for young sheng tuo cha from this company.

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