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    Sheng pu-erh tea pressed into the tuo 250g.

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      USD 11.52 In Stock

      This is a typical Xiaguan tuocha ,where the bright golden tea color liqour is slightly bitter-astringent taste, distinctive smoky flavor accompanied by dark chocolate notes with slightly sweet after-taste .

      USD 11.52
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      USD 22.40 Product available with different options

      There isn't a such strong smokey impact on your taste buds as classic tu cha pu-erh teas have.The dark golden color tea sup has noticeable notes of "mei li" type of Chinese plum which is common for Yi Wu teas, but we also noticed it in some high quality Feng Qing black teas or some older white tea. Warming sensation with sweetness railing the both sides...

      USD 22.40
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      USD 19.20 In Stock

      Sheng pu-erh from Xiaguan company made for Tibetan monks. Pressed tuo in traditional mushroom shape gives clean golden color tea soup which is rich bitter and sweet aftertaste . As typical for this tea , also slight smoky notes are in present but not that heavy. Still young tea suitable for storage but also pleasant to drink now. 

      USD 19.20
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      USD 6.88 In Stock

      Spring leafs from tea trees growing on Big Snow Mountain hard pressed in approx 200g tuo. Those yellow fluffy bits are not the mold neither golden flowers " jin hua ' but result of puerh knife breaking through hard pressed tea ball which is very good for preserving the original flavor due to the slow aging. Sweet tea soup with gentle bitter notes at the...

      USD 6.88
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    Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items