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High Grade of Shu Puerh Tea

Selection of High grades the loose ripe puer tea.

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    USD 5.12 In Stock

    First grade of Shu puerh from semi large  Pu'er  tea factory. Medium fermentation of leaves harvested from their plantations. Typical chocolate walnut notes are also in aroma of brewed tea leaves. Well and clean production without any overwhelming wo dui aroma and taste. This shu is very soft and not like old style smoky Menghai !

    USD 5.12
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    USD 6.24 Out of stock

    Blend of Bulang Shan with Meng Song village , medium-light fermentation. This shu  is meant to be brewed at the red point and not coffee black. However it's taste is clean even with longer / darker infusions , so do not hesitate and experiment with that , if you are not afraid of bitter touch od dark chocolate. Sweet fruity notes might be experienced in...

    USD 6.24
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    USD 12.00 In Stock

    Set of 5 x 15g samples of loose leaf shu puerh tea from 2022 - 2023 harvest we offer for custom pressing. The price list with full details of the tea is only available to our b2b customers.  For more details about the b2b , please read a Wholesale page in footer.  Please note that this item is for Custom Pressing purposes only! Contact us prior the order!

    USD 12.00
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items