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  • 2018 Xiaguan Tuo Cha
    2018 Xiaguan Tuo Cha

    In very flashy green box packed new model of tuo cha from Xiaguan as the...

    CNY 39.00
  • Dian Cha - Yunnan Craft
    Dian Cha - Yunnan Craft

    "dian cha" Yunnan tea in translation is written in xing kai style by our...

    CNY 199.00
  • 2014 Menghai Xiao Gong Bing
    2014 Menghai Xiao Gong Bing

    Very successful product from Menghai tea factory which was sold out...

    CNY 35.00
  • 2017 Bang Wai
    2017 Bang Wai

    Honey and chrysanthemum notes are hiding behind the slight bitter touch...

    CNY 40.00
  • 2017 Ba Da
    2017 Ba Da

    Bitter and slight astringent is this still young pressed tea cake made...

    CNY 140.00

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Tea Cakes

Pressed tea in cakes 4g - 3kg.

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  • Sheng Pu-erh

    Sheng pu-erh tea pressed into the cakes from 6g to 3kg.

  • Shu Pu-erh

    Shu pu-erh tea pressed into the cakes from 6g to 3kg.

  • Other Teas

    Other teas pressed into the cakes from 6g to 3kg.

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    CNY 170.00 In Stock

    Two , three leafs and bud selection of spring harvest from 70-100 years old arbor trees in Pa Sha mountain which elevates from 1200 to 2000m alt. , processed by hand and traditionally pressed by stone. The medium pressed tea cake gives  slight bitter but not astringent tea soup with soft  Ba Qi and pleasant sweet aftertaste.  

    CNY 170.00
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    CNY 380.00 In Stock

    The spring tea leafs from the old trees in area in 1900m.alt picked in early spring. In ratio 2-3 leafs / one bud in medium pressed tea cake.Unique flavor of flowers without any astringency or bitterness .The yellow tea soup is clean and bright giving smooth and rich sweet floral taste in full mouth following by intensive "Hui Gan" all the way down the...

    CNY 380.00
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    CNY 320.00 In Stock

    Spring tea leafs of arbor trees from Yi Wu mountain processed traditional way in small village Xin Fa located around 1300 m.alt. Medium pressed tea cake gives slight bitter but long and sweet aftertaste with floral scent. 

    CNY 320.00
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    CNY 228.00 In Stock

    Spring tea leafs from arbor trees in Wu Liang mountain , processed by hand and pressed into medium press tea cake in Qi Li village by local master. The tea with beautiful scent of flowers has a clear liqueur with touch of fruits giving quite sweet, but slow "hui gan".    

    CNY 228.00
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    CNY 217.00 In Stock

    Spring arbor leafs from Bulang mountain pressed very hard into the cake in Man Xin Long village by small local tea manufacturer in 2012. The tea soup is clean and has a bit of "ba qi" , nutty taste with fast "hui gan".

    CNY 217.00
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    CNY 200.00 In Stock

    Arbor tree tea material from Bada mountain in Menghai, processed in Zhang Lang village and medium pressed into the cake. Honey fragrance tea soup has a sweet beginning with slight bitter end. There is a also bit of astringency sensation after few steps but followed with sweet mouth feel after.

    CNY 200.00
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    CNY 255.00 In Stock

    Medium-hard pressed tea cake from arbors wildly growing in Jingmai mountain processed in Weng Wa village has a bit smoky scent with touch of pine trees which gets more intensive during the brewing. Slight "ba qi" say this tea is on the right path of aging. Sweet , fruity-ish tea liquor  leaves pleasant "hui gan" and sweet mouth feel.

    CNY 255.00
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    CNY 250.00 In Stock

    Very limited amount of these tea cakes of spring arbor leafs from Mengku area. Hand processed in Po Jiao village and medium pressed and wrapped into simple wrap. The dark-ish but clear tea soup has a typical smoky scent and hint of flowers. Full mouth feeling with touch of honey and very sweet after taste under tongue. Slow and graduating "hui gan".

    CNY 250.00
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    CNY 240.00 In Stock

    Hard pressed tea material from Bulang mountain , fermented in Menghai ,  needs to go through few infusions before it starts to release sweet and rich liqueur. Despite of Kunming storage ( most of the time ) the tea doesn't leave any uncomfortable scratchy feeling in the throat. 

    CNY 240.00
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    CNY 360.00 In Stock

    Very well made shu from Ch Yi Fang company. The price from 2011 differs 20$ and we think its right about that. Smooth and sweet tea liqueur with scent of old wood, hint of walnuts and wild honey notes. Hard pressed cake need 2-3 brewings before gets to the working mode , but then u get 10+ rich infusions. 

    CNY 360.00
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    CNY 160.00 In Stock

    Smooth and sweet, no any unpleasant side tastes. Brewed tea leafs have very nice scent of honey and walnuts. Very good daily drinker.

    CNY 160.00
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    CNY 77.00 In Stock

    Medium pressed cake needs time to start give the real taste. After 3rd infusion the tea soup is getting some flavour. This medium fermented tea have sweet taste with touch of walnuts.

    CNY 77.00
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Showing 1 - 12 of 143 items