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    Sheng pu-erh tea pressed into the cakes 100g.

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      USD 17.60 In Stock

      Honey and chrysanthemum notes are hiding behind the slight bitter touch appearing at the front when steeping. That reveals the location of the tea leafs , pressed into this small 100g small cake.This is very good daily drinker for those who like bitter touch along with sweet finish in their cup. Young arbor trees around 150 years old can provide decent...

      USD 17.60
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      USD 14.40 In Stock

      Not much poetry can be written about this medium pressed by stone 100g sheng puerh tea cake made of mostly Lincang material. There are also some wild varieties and purple "zi juan" blended in. You might experience slight smoky and flowery notes with touch of the fruits. Small arbor tea trees blended with some bush tea mao cha.

      USD 14.40
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      USD 32.00 Out of stock

      The spring tea material from Bada mountain soft pressed into the 100g. Once you pour the hot water over the dry tea leafs , the aroma will remind you what is "all the puerh tea about" - the storage. Honey sweet fragnance with touch of plums and apricots also gets in mouthfeel right after 2dn infusion. Slightly bitter and astringent due to the origin of...

      USD 32.00
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      USD 18.40 In Stock

      Cake made of maocha from not really old arbor tea trees growing around village Qian Jia Zhai , yet you will experience kind of the jorney starting at the 2nd infusion when leaves open and release it's potential. Fruity mouthfeel , sheng jing rails the back of the tongue on sides and hui gan comes around slowly , yet holds steady. We pressed only small...

      USD 18.40
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      USD 12.32 In Stock

      Mixture of maocha from different places of Pu'er area with some bits of Menghai. This cake is like a lottery. You never know what notes will appear in your cup with next session or another cake. When shooting pictures for the online shop, we got lucky with bit of Nannuo Shan with some flowery background like Ailao Shan. We offer sample , but as you can...

      USD 12.32
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      USD 12.80 In Stock

      Very small batch, mixture of small , big and wild tea trees from various locations ( mostly Menghai ) which we were offering for custom pressing 2020 - 2022. Despite of thoroughly blended mao cha , due to the many different batches involved,  there is no guarantee that each cake is going to taste same. Yet, we do offer a sample ( for your peace of mind )...

      USD 12.80
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      USD 40.00 In Stock

      Tea leaves from one big wild tea tree growing near the forest of the Big Snow mountain. 1.6kg of mao cha was made from this tree and we pressed it into the 100g cakes. This , genuine Dan Zhu, has typical sourish wild notes with sweet aftertaste and in compartment with small trees, this one can hold the long and hard stepping without turning into the...

      USD 40.00
      In Stock
    Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items