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Selected category of tea divided into groups by its character ,
grade or type like old arbor trees, wild tea trees ,
purple varietal or huang pian - the yellow tea leaves.

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  • Old Arbor Tea Trees

    老乔木 / 古树茶
    Old arbor tea tree or Ancient tea tree ( Gu Shu Cha ).
    Selection of the arbor tea trees with age above 150 years.

  • Wild Tea Trees

    Originally the wild tea tree term signify the tea tree growing on place where is no any human intervention,
    but in time and market demand that kind of tea is almost impossible to get on Chinese tea market ,
    not speaking of exported tea.
    The wild tea tree variety has been planted in tea gardens and plucked like any other tea tree.
    Processing of Ye Sheng teas is usually with tea flowers "ya bao" together in order to gain sweetness and mellow taste.

  • Purple Tea Variety


    Category selection of Purple variety tea Zi Juan.
    A reputedly scarce purple-leaf Yunnan (云南) Da Ye (大叶) cultivar,
    high in Anthocyanin "hua qing su" (花青素), developed in the 1980s
    from Nannuoshan (南糯山) sources, used for lücha (绿茶)
    and pu’ercha (普洱茶), literally Purple Beauty

  • Purple Sprout


    Purple Sprout " Zi Ya " : young leaves of tea trees that have been exposed
    to more than the usual amount of sunlight,
    causing them to turn purple, a tendency that,
    while it may or may not improve tea quality in general,
    is intentionally used in some pu’ercha (普洱茶) cakes;
    confusingly, this is also used for a naturally occurring mutation first noticed in Wuyishan (武夷山) where high huaqingsu (花青素) content yields a purple leaf color

  • Huang Pian - Yellow Leafs

    Old Yellow Leaf in translation.

    Old leafs from tea tree which have it's distinctive flavor characteristics.
    Commonly used among the tea farmers as regular daily drinker with lunch , dinner or just quenching the thirst in hot days.

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    USD 57.60 In Stock

    Spring harvest of arbor tea trees medium pressed traditionally by stone into the 200g cake. The tea soup is clean and sweet with notes of flowers in aroma. Slow and gentle "hui gan" is persistent during many infusions. No excessive astringency with slight bitterness which occurs while brewing stronger infusions.

    USD 57.60
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    USD 61.60 In Stock

    Da Lao Wu is the name for this 200g medium pressed tea cake made of spring leafs from old arbor trees growing on Laowu Shan. Very mellow tea soup without any astringency or bitterness . Light sour touch from first sip will turn to intensive "sheng jing" buzzing around the tongue. After few cups "hui gan" will also show up and overall sweet mouth sensation...

    USD 61.60
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    USD 74.72 In Stock

    Spring harvest from young and old arbor tea trees , which by locals is already called "gu shu". Very soft pressed cake with sweet and fruity ,  "sheng jing" lingers at the bottom of the tongue and back of the throat "hui gan" comes around eventually along with green apple skin notes. Can steep many times and longer infusions boost the sweetness without...

    USD 74.72
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    USD 160.00 Product available with different options

    Leaves from old white tea tree growing in Wu Linag Shan. There are not many tips but you will find different varieties ( like Ye Sheng - wild variety )  in this 200g cake. Incredible scent of lavender and chrysanthemum will fill your room within first infusion and the following one is another step through the flower garden. Deep sweetness with touch of...

    USD 160.00
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    USD 59.84 In Stock

    Spring leafs from old arbor trees growing in Laowu Shan area and pressed into the 200g cake. Typical chrysanthemum notes in the pitcher and bitter sensation in throat after few infusions , which develops into sweet "hui gan". Maocha sourced back in 2019 from the same garden as always and pressed in late autumn. Taste the transformation in process by...

    USD 59.84
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    USD 48.48 In Stock

    Blend of the very first harvest of spring leafs from old arbor trees with and young arbors growing in Laowu Shan area. This sheng puer is already on it's way of transformation from original flowery and citrus notes to the fruity ones with touch deep honey sweetness at the back of the troat and also in form of aroma when you breathe out.  With further...

    USD 48.48
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    USD 126.72 In Stock

    Aroma of lavender and chrysanthemum will hit your nose receptors and will sit there for all session making you feel like being in the botanic garden. Deep sweetness with touch of honey and green apple skin and fresh mint. With harder infusion slight sour notes will appear, evoking saliva which turns to the sweetness railing tongue sides. Don't panic, just...

    USD 126.72
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    USD 54.56 In Stock

    Sourced from same tea garden on Laowu Shan as every year. Mao cha from old tea trees medium pressed in small cake.  Flowery aroma from the pitcher and so the notes in taste. First infusions give very fruity - plum taste accompanied with light sour touch revealing the wild varietal tea leafs  ( from nearby growing tea trees ) which were blended in before...

    USD 54.56
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    USD 10.24 In Stock

    Spring harvest of tea leafs from old arbor trees growing on Nannuo mountain near Ba Ma village. Combination of gentle bitter and sweet honey notes in the aftertaste coming from the back of the throat. Longer or harder infusions can hit  you with bitterness yet will reward with deeper and more complex aftertaste. We also offer cheaper version of this tea...

    USD 10.24
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    USD 228.80 In Stock

    Annual Danzhu from the first harvest of old tea trees on Wuliang mountain. Don't judge tea based on appearance because yes, it is all what those trees have. Mixture of wild varietal and huang pian in presence , that gives the most complex taste you can get from that area. You might experience slight smoky impression in first couple of infusions , just...

    USD 228.80
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    USD 120.00 Product available with different options

    Wild sweetness of "ye sheng" pu-erh with very light sour notes and the back of the tongue are appearing after 3rd cup and touch of dry wood. Da Xue Shan wild tea tree variety leafs medium pressed with "ye sheng ya bao" and stored in Yong De tea factory until spring 2018 when moved to Kunming. We have bought last 2 tongs of this well balanced and clean...

    USD 120.00
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    USD 5.12 In Stock

    Early spring plucked buds from wild growing tea trees in Baoshan prefecture and processed only by drying as a white tea. Sweet and almost no color ( clear ) tea liqour with pine tree notes in aroma of brewed buds and in taste as well. Suitable also for long time brewing in the bottle or jar.

    USD 5.12
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Showing 1 - 12 of 54 items