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    USD 28.00 In Stock

    Authentic way of fermentation gives this shu pu-erh from Baoshan arbor tea trees very distinctive flavour from others. It has a scent of old red wood with the pleasant hint of traditional Chinese medicine, at the very first  brew tea gives sweet sensation in mouth and back of the tongue. This is small private processed batch with handwritten calligraphy...

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    USD 20.00 In Stock
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    Sweet taste after 3rd infusion starts to emerge. Also color is more vivid and dark red after few brewings. The rich cream taste with very slight touch of walnuts can hold till 5-6th infusion, then color with taste gently fades away.

    USD 20.00
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    USD 70.40 In Stock

    Tea leafs were plucked, processed and pressed by Nan Jian tea factory which owns tea bushes growing on slopes Wu Liang mountain elevated around 2400m.alt. The tea material which is normally used for tuocha is pressed into the 400g tea cake makes quite difference in taste. Golden tea liquor is well balanced bitter-sweet. Slight smokey notes (not as much...

    USD 70.40
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    USD 113.92 Product available with different options

    Wild sweetness of "ye sheng" pu-erh with very light sour notes and the back of the tongue are appearing after 3rd cup and touch of dry wood. Da Xue Shan wild tea tree variety leafs medium pressed with "ye sheng ya bao" and stored in Yong De tea factory until spring 2018 when moved to Kunming. We have bought last 2 tongs of this well balanced and clean...

    USD 113.92
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    USD 12.00 In Stock

    Vintage shu pu-erh tuo cha from Nanjian tea factory where it was stored until 2018 , takes few infusions until starts to release medium dark woody - sweet tea liqour with chocolate notes. Slow and medium fermentation which is specific for this area because the medium hot climate and not extreme humidity , which allows to shu pu-erh further better...

    USD 12.00
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items