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      CNY 105.00 In Stock

      Spring harvest from Lincang tea mountains, then processed and stored in Shanxi province.. Classical mixed tea material of young and old arbor trees. The beautiful scent of wood ,caramel and nuts comes out from teapot after first infusion, but don't expect the same sensation in your cup. 

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      CNY 25.00 In Stock

      The tea has unique scent of fresh nuts and old wood, very pleasant and full in mouth, sweet and mellow with touch of wild honey and almonds. Jin Hua - golden flower, which is fungus purposely grown by special way of fermentation and it gives the tea unique sweet & sour taste. There are many articles about positive effects to human body of this fungus,...

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      CNY 30.00 In Stock

      Drying Chinese cabbage on wooden bench in small minority village with wild honey notes would be a sort of description of the scent coming out from your pot with first infusion. Although doesn't sound attractive but must say overall fragrance has a sweet base and so it is the taste.The most important part is the Lotus leafs which are pressed with tea and...

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      CNY 46.00 In Stock

      Hei Cha from Shanxi province originally made for government officials ( 官 "guan" -  ) . 400g brick hides Jin Hua - golden flowers inside - which is fungus purposely grown by special way of fermentation. Dark roast notes along with sour & sweet taste typical for Jin Hua Hei Cha.

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      CNY 39.00 In Stock

      The Shanxi Hei Cha with decent  presence of "jin hua" - the golden flowers - the cultivated fungus officially called Cordyceps militaris which is beneficial to human's health in many aspects and surely more info is searchable on internet, The dry tea leafs are stored 2-3 years before pressed into this brick, so tea is actually 2014 or so. That would...

      CNY 39.00
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      CNY 160.00 In Stock

      Sichuan Heicha made for Tibetan. Soft pressed 500g brick with some large stems so can be easily chipped off without any tool. Although the tea is not too old it gives very nice sweet taste from very beginning. Slight caramel notes with very light touch of wood and nuts all the way through the many cups. Gentle sour fruity background can be experienced...

      CNY 160.00
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      Produced and stored in Lhasa ( Tibet ) iron hard pressed tea brick in chocolate pattern. You will need to have a good pu-erh pick and be very careful to not harm yourself when chipping off this 248g Hei Cha brick. Gentle smokiness would emerge from gaiwan in first steeping but not noticeable in tea itself. Slight honey and caramel-woody notes are...

      CNY 59.00
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    Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items