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    This autumn harvest from Mengku area processed by hand and pressed by stone traditional way in Rong shi tea factory back in 2006. , Dark yellow tea liqour has a rich lotus aroma ballanced with smooth / not disturbing smoky notes. The term "gu hua"  stands for the time when rice grains are mature / ready for picking - autumn  

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    USD 121.12 In Stock

    This is a 2nd batch produced in April 2006 because the 1st one was very successful that time ( we have 2 cakes left in private storage ) The 1st batch is not available on market anymore but some vendors still claim they have it and sell it that way. There is a slight difference in wrapping and some taste difference between those two. The 1st. one is...

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    Vintage sheng from Lincang tea company where was stored for few years and then brought to Kunming. Wet notes in medium pressed arbor tea leafs are very comfortable and make the overall tea soup body well balanced. Good quality tea material gives nice "hui gan" after few infusions, sweet mouthfeel with slight smokey notes is in present as well which makes...

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    Vintage sheng pu-erh tuo cha from Nanjian tea factory where it was stored until 2018 , after 2nd infusion tea leafs start to release medium dark golden bitter - sweet tea liqour with fruity notes. As expected from dry storage , the tea scent and flavor is more intense and tea soup is not too dark despite tea's age. We also offer a sample for this piece...

    USD 48.00
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    USD 134.40 In Stock

    Very distinctive , pleasant aroma of plums and orchids comes out from hot gaiwan within washing infusion already. First few cups don't give much , but after 3rd one it starts to release what it has.....a pleasant graduating body warming sensation , mouth will slowly and persistently fill with sweetness. Taste of plums with touch of old wood could be...

    USD 134.40
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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items