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  • Year: 2005
Tea Cake
Tuo Cha
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    USD 52.58 In Stock

    Smoky notes will hit your taste buds within the first sip and will last during many infusions. Dark yellow tea liquor of vintage sheng pu will give you sweet lingering sensation on top of the tongue and bitter feeling under. The wrapper is ripped in some places because the old age so we provide additional protection of the cake.

    USD 52.58
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    USD 3.36 In Stock

    "jin ya" golden buds , visible on this shu pu-erh naturally pressed into the pellets and stored in Menghai for few years. Medium fermentation and not too dry storage guarantees the smooth taste without any " scratchy sand in throat" feeling. Tea liquor with touch of coconut ( scent can be smelled from hot lid of gaiwan as well ) and thanks to rich amount...

    USD 3.36
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    USD 16.82 In Stock

    Wet but clean stored vintage sheng pu-erh as expected releases dark gold tea soup. Apart of the regular bitter notes there is a some sweet base at the background showing up after wet-wood texture at the beginning. This could be a good option for those who like old teas but not afraid of wet storage.

    USD 16.82
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items