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    Jingdong is a part of the north side of Pu'er and it's a home of many different ethnic minorities , where the main one is Yi minority. Among the famous Jingdong tea  mountains belong Ai Lao Shan and Wu Liang Shan. Tea mountains
    with a quite long tea history.

    Jingdong is a part of the north side of Pu'er and it's a home of many different ethnic minorities , where the main one is Yi minority. Among the famous Jingdong tea  mountains belong Ai Lao Shan and Wu Liang Shan. Tea mountains
    with a quite long tea history.


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    • Ailao Shan

      The national reserve Ai Lao Shan is not really the famous tea mountain,
      but still has plenty to offer in sense of good quality bush tree or small arbor tea material.  
      It’s located at mid of Yunnan province and tea plantations or tea gardens are mostly
      located in the south part of the mountain where the tea trees age is around 100y.

    • Wuliang Shan

      Wuliang Mountain is the national nature reserve which is located at mid west of Yunnan Province
      and stretching over the two counties  Nanjian with Jingdong.
      Large mountain is a combination of many high peaks and deep valleys inhabiting various types of wildlife.
      Apparently  animals like golden monkeys or  Bengal tiger could be seeing there.
      Of course apart of that,  many tea trees are growing on the slopes of this mountain
      covering area about 200 square kilometers.
      The tea from Wuliang Mountain was exported in early 1920 to Myanmar with India. 

    • Wenshan Ding

      Wen Shan Ding is a tea area which located at Jinggu county of Pu er.
      It was one of the main Pu-erh tea manufacturing location of history.
      This is the place , where Dai and Yi minority live and picking the tea leafs from trees / bushes growing at 2200 m.alt.
      Very clean and natural environment with suitable weather conditions
      guarantee the good quality tea with rich flavours.

    • Laowu Shan

      Lao Wu Shan

      is a part of the Wuliang mountain and it is located in the middle part of the Wuliang Shan, which all belong Puer area. Tea gardens on Laowu Shan are located between 2000 - 2200m alt. Tea production has roots since Tang dynasty there, when locals learned how to process the tea leafs of wild tea trees. Nowadays has evolved to the bigger scale cultivation and processing.   

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      USD 53.60 In Stock

      Spring tea leafs from arbor trees in Wu Liang mountain , processed by hand and pressed into medium press tea cake in Qi Li village by local master. Honey aroma from brewed tea leaves are combined with flowery notes when drinking and breathing out through your nose.  Fruity base taste as part of the good ageing is present of course and sweet liqour...

      USD 53.60
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      USD 67.68 In Stock
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      The spring tea material of young arbor tea trees growing in Wen Shan village area in Pu'er where the fresh leafs were processed and pressed into the cake. Clean tea soup is very soft , with touch of flowery and fruity notes , fast and clear Hui Gan , full in mouth ,slight bitter but no astringency at all. Mao cha harvested in 2016 y and pressed year later.

      USD 67.68
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      USD 88.80 In Stock
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      Smoky notes will hit your taste buds within the first sip and will last during many infusions. Dark yellow tea liquor of vintage sheng pu will give you sweet lingering sensation on top of the tongue and bitter feeling under. The wrapper is ripped in some places because the old age so we provide additional protection of the cake.

      USD 88.80
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      USD 13.92 In Stock

      Tea bushes growing on Wu Liang mountain elevated around 2000m.alt. Fresh tea leafs processed and pressed into the 100g  sheng pu-erh tuo cha by Nan Jian tea factory. Slight smokey flavor of tea soup from hard pressed tea leafs is golden color and gives you a sweet mouthfeel with touch of orchid. Mild but still noticable "hui gan" will emerge along with...

      USD 13.92
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      USD 71.04 In Stock

      Nice slightly bitter front taste will comfort your mouth with first sip. Golden yellow tea soup with pleasant bitter-sweet taste will start reveal its woody and light smoky notes during many infusions. Sweet mouth feel occurs right after the 2nd infusion. Nice vintage cake from early spring harvest of Wu Liang mountain.

      USD 71.04
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      USD 57.60 In Stock

      Spring harvest of arbor tea trees medium pressed traditionally by stone into the 200g cake. The tea soup is clean and sweet with notes of flowers in aroma. Slow and gentle "hui gan" is persistent during many infusions. No excessive astringency with slight bitterness which occurs while brewing stronger infusions.

      USD 57.60
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      USD 29.28 Product available with different options

      Old yellow leaves from old tea trees growing on Lao Wu Shan mountain. Sweet tea liqour with significant honey notes which can be gained with extending a steeping time. The old yellow tea leafs can be brewed in gaiwan , teapot or even being boiled in cattle as tea farmers do. Increasing amount of tea leafs, longer time of each infusion the bitter notes...

      USD 29.28
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      USD 45.60 In Stock
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      Spring harvest from small arbor tea trees growing on Wuliang mountain medium hard pressed into the 357g cake. There is no any significant front sweetness or buzzing "sheng jing" but if you are an experienced pu-erh tea drinker you will taste the throat sweet "hui gan" sensation behind the light smokey notes. It's a very suitable tea for long time storage.

      USD 45.60
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      USD 61.60 In Stock

      Da Lao Wu is the name for this 200g medium pressed tea cake made of spring leafs from old arbor trees growing on Laowu Shan. Very mellow tea soup without any astringency or bitterness . Light sour touch from first sip will turn to intensive "sheng jing" buzzing around the tongue. After few cups "hui gan" will also show up and overall sweet mouth sensation...

      USD 61.60
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      USD 74.72 In Stock

      Spring harvest from young and old arbor tea trees , which by locals is already called "gu shu". Very soft pressed cake with sweet and fruity ,  "sheng jing" lingers at the bottom of the tongue and back of the throat "hui gan" comes around eventually along with green apple skin notes. Can steep many times and longer infusions boost the sweetness without...

      USD 74.72
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      USD 22.24 Out of stock

      3 x 25g and 1 x 12g samples set of sheng pu-erh from different places /  mountains but same year of production ( 2017 ) , to give a tea drinker an opportunity compare the "taste of the location". Areas: Lincang - 2018 Xiao Hu Sai , Xishuangbanna ( Menghai area )  - 2017 Pa Sha Xiao Qiao Mu , Xishuangbanna ( Yiwu area ) - 2017 Yi Wu Da Shu , Puer  / Simao...

      USD 22.24
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      USD 2.40 In Stock

      Spring harvest from young arbor tea trees growing around village Qian Jia Zhai. Takes good 2-3 infusions to convince this hand pressed ball spread inside the teapot or gaiwan and start to release it's goodness. Slight smokey notes are noticeable when leafs are hot but not much appears in taste itself. honey fragnance from cooled down gaiwan lid is very...

      USD 2.40
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