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    • Loose Tea

      Loose tea 25-1000g.

    • Tea Cakes

      Pressed tea in cakes 4g - 3kg.

    • Tuo Cha

      Tuo Cha is compressed tea in the shape of mushroom.

    • Brick Tea

      Pressed tea into the brick shape.

    • Other Shapes

      Other shapes of tea , like pellets "cha tou" , small tea balls or tea in tangerine.

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      USD 7.20 In Stock

      Unsorted grade from the same 2018 shu puerh batch we offer in cake and lao cha tou version. The tea consists loose leaf but also some cha tou ( pellets ) . Characteristic are similar to other 2 products , just the brewing process si much faster so easier to achieve strong infusions full of walnuts, woody notes and hint og bitter chocolate.

      USD 7.20
      In Stock
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      USD 5.60 In Stock

      Spring purple wild varietal tea leaves ZiYa harvested from Ming Yue village in Jinggu county, processed as a black tea in traditional Dian Hong concept ( baked ). Chocolate notes ( but not as Ti Xiang  - high temp roats ) with dry fruits come from the brewed leaves as an aroma and sweet with slightly herbal taste ( not as Zi Juan we also offer ) , which...

      USD 5.60
      In Stock
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      USD 6.24 In Stock
      1 Review(s)

      Light touch of mushroom notes reveals that this iron hard pressed tea brick from Xiaguan company , wasn't stored in Kunming all the time. Yet, not uncomfortable wet notes will annoy your tea session. Smokiness is not that obvious as with fully dry stored XG products. 250g brick without any wrapping ( we wrap it into the paper bag for you ), 5 bricks in...

      USD 6.24
      In Stock
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      USD 53.60 In Stock

      Spring tea leafs from arbor trees in Wu Liang mountain , processed by hand and pressed into medium press tea cake in Qi Li village by local master. Honey aroma from brewed tea leaves are combined with flowery notes when drinking and breathing out through your nose.  Fruity base taste as part of the good ageing is present of course and sweet liqour...

      USD 53.60
      In Stock
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      USD 5.12 In Stock

      Early spring plucked buds from wild growing tea trees in Baoshan prefecture and processed only by drying as a white tea. Sweet and almost no color ( clear ) tea liqour with pine tree notes in aroma of brewed buds and in taste as well. Suitable also for long time brewing in the bottle or jar.

      USD 5.12
      In Stock
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      USD 67.20 In Stock

      Spring arbor tea leafs from Bulang mountain hard pressed into the cake in Man Xin Long village by small local tea manufacturer in 2012. Clean tea liquor with slight notes or roasted nuts is gentle bitter from beginning , then turns to pleasant sweet aftertaste "hui gan".

      USD 67.20
      In Stock
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      USD 96.00 In Stock

      Medium-hard pressed tea cake from small arbor tea trees growing on Jingmai mountain. Harder steepings will reveal the young age of the trees but rather by bitter taste than descructive astringency. Very well stored and the right condition for aging still preserved original Jingmai fruitiness with sweet mouthfeel followed by "hui gan" aftertaste.

      USD 96.00
      In Stock
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      USD 57.60 In Stock

      Hard pressed tea material from Bulang mountain , fermented in Menghai ,  needs to go through few infusions before it starts to release sweet and rich liqueur. Naturally obtained "nuo mi" - sticky rice notes due to the storage will linger on your tongue during many infusions. Stronger steepings will make well balanced shu puerh taste for those who are not...

      USD 57.60
      In Stock
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      USD 70.40 In Stock

      Very well made shu from Cha Yi Fang company. The price from 2011 differs quite a lot and we believe that in quality side, its just like that. Smooth and sweet tea liqueur with scent of old wood, hint of walnuts and wild honey notes. Hard pressed cake need 2-3 brewings before gets to the working mode , but then u get 10+ rich infusions. For dedicated shu...

      USD 70.40
      In Stock
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      USD 41.60 In Stock

      "Yue Chen Yue Xiang" freely translated "longer time better taste" , typical Menghai shu puerh with outstanding taste. Sweet walnut notes without any uncomfortable "dui wei". Smooth and sweet, no any unpleasant side tastes. Brewed tea leafs have very nice scent of honey and walnuts. Very good daily drinker.

      USD 41.60
      In Stock
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      USD 4.32 In Stock

      Gong Ting Shu puerh from Shuang Jiang tea factory. This 4g hard pressed mini tuo cha needs 3+ infusions to open up. With longer steeping times the citrusy notes will emerge as typical for Lincang shu puer teas. Very good budget daily shu puer drinker for lovers of taste different than traditional Menghai production with size suitable for 100 - 140ml...

      USD 4.32
      In Stock
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      USD 6.40 In Stock

      Classic Menghai shu puerh production of 2009 on special order for Kunming company. Blend of 1st and something 2nd or 3rd grade maocha without any huangpian or big stems. At least we didn't spot any. Surprisingly rich taste compare to regular Kunming stored old shu. Creamy tea soup with light wood and bitter touch at the end. Gentle natural nuomi notes in...

      USD 6.40
      In Stock
    Showing 1 - 12 of 311 items