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    mini cake 4 - 20g

    Sheng pu-erh tea pressed into the cakes from 4g to 20g

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      USD 1.28 Out of stock

      Mixture of arbor tea trees from Xi Gui is a very good option for those who like slightly bitter taste and noticeable Shen Jing. As the 357g cakes are usually expensive from this area, we decided to offer these small blended 10g tablets. flowery scent from the pitcher and gai wan and sweet mouth feel all the way trough the many infusions reminding pure...

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      USD 1.28 In Stock

      Honey and chrysanthemum fragrance vaporing out from hot gaiwan would suggests that origin of tea leafs would from Lincang area ( or mix ) rather than Menghai as it says on the wrapper. However it's not as important as the actual taste. As obviously this is a regular bush ( table ) tea, the characteristics are more than surprising.

      USD 1.28
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      USD 9.60 In Stock

      Tea leafs from the small tea plantation not far from Yonge. 10 hard pressed 7 - 9g tablets packed in small bamboo tong. Only half of this mini cake in 100ml gaiwan can make a nice tea ( depends on preference ) . Sweet with gentle flowery - fruity notes. Suitable for lighter brewing and can go bitter with harder ones, yet without any strong astringency...

      USD 9.60
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    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items