Frequently asked questions.

The online shop which needs a manual for browsing and shopping , is not a user friendly website! Well, depends on what user you are. If you slow down for a second, stop flying with eyes from left to right searching for a familiar name or flashing advertisement with some discount deal , you will find out that every button , menu, category , tag , product details has it's purpose in this such an encyclopedic structured onlineshop.

1. Account registration

2. Shopping cart history

3. Purchase different amounts than set on default

4. Search tea by other criteria - using tags

5. Custom order

6.Teaware measuring

7. Parcel tracking issues

1. Account registration

Without registration of delivery address system can't offer real estimated shipping fee!

Our website doesn't support guest checking , so in order to proceed the order , you need to be registered. The information you have to provide is not different from the guess account anyway and we do not send any marketing spam emails.

During the registration you have to pass the captcha which is mathematical ( for example if you see in field  2 x 3 , you have to type the result " 6 " )

After registration , the system sends you an verification email with link to be clicked on. That causes in some cases to email fall into your spam box. Please check your spam box for verification email.

Please also note we use your registered email address for sending the Pay Pal request so if you use different one, please let us know.

Also all future communications and automatic emails send from our system ( order confirmation , shipping confirmation..etc. ) will be send to this email address. So please make sure you will be able to receive those.

Referal program

If you registering your account based on recommendation , don't forget to fill up the Referral program option with email address which your friend using for his/her registration. You will both get the 5% discount voucher. More details in Loyalty Points & Vouchers.

If you still have problems with registration, please contact us.

2. Shopping cart history

Once in time the guest shopping carts are cleared out ( deleted ) . Should you wish to keep the history of your cart , please login before adding items. The shopping carts under registered account are not deleted.

3. How to purchase different amounts than set on default ?

You can buy different amounts of loose tea from 12g to 1000g of any loose tea and 12 - 2500 (7x357g) almost any pressed tea in our shop. 

choose amount of tea

Use drop-down product menu to select the sample option.

4. How to search tea by other criteria - using tags ?

Our website dividing tea into different categories, subcategories by most used preferences by general tea drinker. Yet, there are other criteria which can be used in search and we included them as a tags.

See the TAG page in footer of our website or click here

Sheng puer group

Click on desired group or subgroup from main menu.

Show all tea

Press "Show All" in order to get a result filter from all products in the group. ( if not press Show All , the filter will apply only to products on current page )

The same rule applies to all filter tools located on the left side of the page !


Select desired tag.

Please note , that taste notes are our subjective taste experience and also might vary based on many factors ( water used, brewing style..etc. ). Please consider that as a rough reference only!

Tags are also accessible from product page.

search tea by tag

5. How to proceed custom order ?

If you wish to order tea or teaware not listed on our website , please contact us via email with details and pictures ( if possible ) in order to receive the price quote ( unless item from Custom Sourcing List where prices are already set )

For ordering the Custom Item you need to be registered and log in to our website! In search box type three zeros and select the " Custom Order " item showed as suggested option. If not showing, pres the search button and select the item from the page.

Select Custom Order Item

Add the item into the basket and proceed to Check out option. You can select any shipping method ( we can change it manually later , if needed ) as per normal order , yet you can ignore the quote for that as we override it later per quote or the actual shipping fee to be applied.

Type the name or description of the item in Message box. If item from Custom Sourcing List ( details in Wholesale  ) , type the ref.number and amount ( for example: CPG24 - 25g , CW03 - 1kg..etc.  )

Message Box

If you are also ordering something from the shop , then don't need to proceed it as individual custom order. Add the stuff into the basket and in the Message box just write additional items you have ordered via email or messenger.

Please read all terms and conditions of Delivery and if agree , you may proceed all other steps till the end. Confirm the Order.

As per standard order , we will send you a Pay Pal request for quoted amount ( if quoted without shipping fee, then 2nd Pay Pal request will be sent when parcel is ready and we know the total weight ) and after the payment is proceed , we will order and prepare the item for you. 

Please note : if item comes from different province , it may take few days to arrive to Kunming from where we ship all goods.

6. Teaware measuring

We measure the volume of tea pot ot gaiwan with closed lid. So if gaiwan has the lid dived inside, we measure only volume up to the lid and not up to the rim. Volume of the cups is measured few millimeters below the rim.

measuring teaware

Measuring the size of the teaware is also presented on the picture. The width of the teapot we measure from the handle to the sprout and diameter is only a width of the body of the teapot. The height of the gaiwan is measured also with the plate ( if has a plate ) and so the weight .

7. Parcel tracking issues

What you see on is exactly what we see in our tracking parcel website. We do not have more information about parcel than you can get from this website! 

1. Tracking number not working after receiving email about parcel was shipped.

It can take up to 48 hours to get tracking number active. We issue the tracking number and pass the parcel to carrier who might have it in the van for all day till next morning , then the parcel might be queque up in sorting centre for scan ( registration ).

2. Parcel sits in Guangzhou , Shanghai or any other big city , for a long time.

Due to the limited flights , there are long queues in sorting centres and airports of those cities from where international cargo flights are provided. There is not much we can do about it , just sit tight and wait. If your parcel is sitting there more than one month , please contact us, we can try our luck by contacting the shipping company and push the parcel through. But it is a long shot.

3. Parcel travels between big cities back and forwards ( in China ) .

As mentioned above , long queues and limited flights causing the problem, so cargo companies trying to find the ways to send your parcel out of China by forwarding it to other international hub for shipping. By the time it arrives there , same problem might occur there as well , so that's causing to be send it back to the previous city.

4. Parcel has been returned / refused by customs in China.

Don't be worry much about this one. Very common lately. Customs load up the scanning machine for forbidden items in batches ( many parcels together ). If one has a problem , they return all batch without inspecting which one is the with forbitden item. This unfortunately causing that even non issue parcels being returned to sender. We have to wait when it arrives back to us , then we re-send it ( repack if needed ). No action or payment is required from your side!

5. Parcel left China but not reached destination country for long time.

Parcels are loaded up into the small containers which go to the cargo section of aeroplanes. Once it reaches the airport of destination or transfer point ,unless the container is opened and parcel barcode scanned , the tracking number is not updated. So the parcel might sit in container in China aeroport waiting to be loaded or in transfer city waiting for next aeroplane or already being delivered to destination country but not opened and scanned for next steps. This is the "blind" spot in which is not much we can do, just wait when the parcel emerges. The gap like that might stretch up to 2 months.

6. Parcel arrived to destination country and being handled by customs.

At this stage you have to keep an eye on your phone or email ( depends how customs of your country contact you ) for notification about custom procedures. Please note , if you do not proceed the custom clearance within certain time , it is a risk that parcel will be send back to China! ( terms and conditions of returned parcels are applied in this case . More details in Delivery section in footer of our website ) .

7. Parcel released from customs and send to local postal services but not received for long time.

More likely is the case that delivery carrier haven't reached you at delivery address. In this case parcel is returned to the local sorting centre ( in your city ) and waiting there for you to be collected. Please note, if time too long, the parcel is send back to China! ( terms and conditions of returned parcels are applied in this case . More details in Delivery section in footer of our website ) .