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    Various types of teas which don't fit into the regular categories.
    Mixture of Pu'erh tea with flowers and herbs or other teas.

    Various types of teas which don't fit into the regular categories.
    Mixture of Pu'erh tea with flowers and herbs or other teas.


    Other Teas There are 86 products.


    • Hei Cha ( dark tea )

      Hei Cha (黑茶)
      Hei cha is as post-fermented tea or dark tea which gone through
      the long time fermentation ( from months to years ).
      Controlled humidity and oxygen helps to achieve
      right process of fermentation and therefore the taste.
      There is a long history of production Dark Tea ( don't confuse with the Black Tea )
      as far as Ming dynasty
      and these days Hei Cha is mainly produced in provinces
      like Hunan Shanxi Yunnan ,Guangxi, Sichuan.
      This tea usually comes in pressed form.

    • Flowers & Herbs

      Flower tea and Herbal tea.

      Category consists mostly Yunnan flowers оr herbs which can be brewed in hot water or mixtures - tea with flowers , like jasmine tea.

    • Oolong Tea

      Oolong (pronunciation: /uːlɒŋ/) is a traditional Chinese tea (Camellia sinensis) 
      produced through a unique process including withering the plant under the strong sun
      and oxidation before curling and twisting.
      The degree of oxidation can range from 8 to 85%,
      depending on the variety and production style.

    • White tea

      White tea "Bai Cha" is mainly produced in Yunnan or Fujian province because suitable tea material.
      Only the new leafs and buds are plucked within 48 hours of sprouting,
      then leaves are naturally withered, lightly heat processed and sun-dried.
      The silvery buds give sweet taste and full-bodied tea liqueur .
      White tea is the least processed of all teas. 

    • Yellow Tea

      Huang Cha (黄茶)
      Yellow Tea  - initial fresh tea leafs processing is same as regular
      green tea except they have to be three times roasted
      and last step "men" stewing , which kills the excessive original bitterness
      of the green leafs and adds to the tea mellow soft taste.
      The Yellow tea was very popular at the early times of Tang dynasty.

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      USD 10.56 In Stock

      From old arbor tea trees."Mi Tao Xiang" in translation is the scent of peaches, which is the dominating texture of this tea. The tea soup is bitter in front but gets sweet lingering feeling on side of the tongue which overall turns to the peachy-ish mouth feel. you need to be careful with the breiwing technique , to not turn the tea into the bitter...

      USD 10.56
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      USD 19.84 In Stock

      Spring harvest from Lincang , then processed and stored in Shanxi province. Classical mixed tea material of young and old arbor trees of Mengku . The beautiful scent of wood ,caramel and nuts comes out from teapot after first infusion, but don't expect the same sensation in your cup. Although its a hei cha , the taste reminds more like some old sheng puer...

      USD 19.84
      In Stock
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      USD 3.68 In Stock

      The tea has unique scent of fresh nuts and old wood, very pleasant and full in mouth, sweet and mellow with touch of wild honey and almonds. Jin Hua - golden flower, which is fungus purposely grown by special way of fermentation and it gives the tea unique sweet & sour taste. There are many articles about positive effects to human body of this fungus,...

      USD 3.68
      In Stock
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      USD 4.32 In Stock
      1 Review(s)

      Legendary Da Hong Pao from Wu Yi mountain. Rich in scent and flavor. Scent of the wood and honey which reflect in taste of the tea liquor after. This is a medium grade of it's kind so we offer it for reasonable price.

      USD 4.32
      In Stock
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      USD 11.20 In Stock

      You have to be very careful with amount of putting into the gai wan and time of brewing. The dry leafs release flavor very quickly and its quite easy to get it oversteeped and bitter. The tea liquor is slightly bitter ( more than other dan cong teas we sell ), but it does have very pleasant sweet taste after. 

      USD 11.20
      In Stock
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      USD 8.80 In Stock
      2 Review(s)

      You will find a "pieces of tree" in this tea! :-) Many stems with big leafs but if  don't get put off by the lower grade appearance, you can experience a scent of sweet candies with floral notes and touch of the fresh cut grass. This is a rough ( unsorted ) Dan Cong which offers refreshing sweet tea liquor with sweet mouth sensation for a while. Very good...

      USD 8.80
      In Stock
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      USD 6.24 Out of stock

      Combination of black tea and chrysanthemums, roses, jasmines and Paeonia Suffruticosa Aner with honeysuckles, which are growing in Yunnan Province. Each  flower releases its own distinctive scent , but all together make harmonically resemblance of herbal tea.Golden tea color is bitter-sweet with flowery scent.

      USD 6.24
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      USD 6.08 In Stock

      These roses are also known as Wild Golden Edge Rose " Ye Sheng Jin Bian Mei Gui ". The name " Wild " is because flower's seeds originally came from wild variety. Nowadays they are farmed in Li Jiang area at the foot of Ye Long mountain in Yunnan. The rose's flowers are bigger than the actual real wild ones but thanks to it's origin they still have very...

      USD 6.08
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      USD 6.24 Product available with different options

      Myosotis Sylvatica (花千骨茶饼) Wu Wang Wo Hua Cha Bing belongs to certain category of herbs for daily healthy lifestyle , usually is blended with green or black tea which gains flavor. This cake is mixed with green to keep the original scent. Flavor profile: purely flower fragrant with lightly bitterness, better mix with some honey or sugar make much gentle...

      USD 6.24
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      USD 6.40 Product available with different options

      Paeonia Suffruticosa Andr is one of the herbs used in Chinese medicine and it’s suitable mainly for ladies. The pure taste of the flowers followed with slight bitterness.

      USD 6.40
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      USD 4.48 In Stock

      Spring Simao sheng (raw) pu-erh mixed with jasmine in decent ratio gives the balanced flavor of the tea liquor. Slight bitterness of raw tea leafs with pleasant hint of jasmine sweetness and followed with mild hui gan of pu-erh.

      USD 4.48
      In Stock
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      USD 6.56 Out of stock

      This flowers cake is a combination of seven different flowers, that's why  it is so colorful. All flowers come from  Yunnan Province and processed by the traditional  Chinese medicine recipe. Overall taste is fruity with mild sweetness and original flower fragrance.

      USD 6.56
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