Masters of pottery , calligraphy or art.
People with skill and many ears of experience with their craft.

Masters of pottery , calligraphy or art.
People with skill and many ears of experience with their craft.


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  • Fan De Hui

    Fan De Hui master is and student of famous calligrapher 周慧珺 Zhou Hui Jung
    ( refer to google for more details ).
    Since childhood he was learning and practicing calligraphy as it was tradition in his family.
    Master's full profile

    Fan laoshi mastering Yan Zhen Qing,Li,Xing,Weibei and other typefaces.
    His works are powerful and come in wide variety structures with a strong visual impact.
    Because of his proficiency in Chinese traditional culture ,
    his works are usually done in ancient style poetry with essays.
    Participating in many exhibitions in China along with other countries like
    Japan and South Korea where he has become popular as well.

  • Yu Feng

    Yu Feng

    Feng's family inherited and preserved  technique from their ancestors and at the moment she is the only one real Dai Tao master in China. Since childhood she started learning how to make pottery from her mother. Not as another kind of teapot/ Pottery master,she wasn’t making potteries very often for commercial purposes , most of the time she was just teaching students who were interested to learn the ancient Dai Tao slow wheel technique.
    Long time ago , there were many Dai villages making the pottery their daily life use. The interesting thing is , that only women were allowed to transmitted the Dai Tao pottery skill ,and only men were allowed to learn Dai characters and pass that experience to other men. When time goes by , the ancient  technique  of making pottery almost disappeared.

  • Yin Sheng

    Master Yin Sheng and his family originally come from Jing De Zhen
    and moved to Jian Shui in 2007. He and his wife learned making a pottery
    in their hometown and worked for one manufacturing company
    ( from where they know each other ) many years ,
    before decided to make a radical move and open they very own studio.
    He and their son are in charge of forming / shaping the pottery
    while his wife with daughter assemblies the parts and making the final
    decorations / painting / carvings. This is perfect balance of workflow in family business
    and we are happy to find someone who can make beautiful piece of pottery
    with the precision and without being influenced by local commercial hype.

  • Master Qiu

    Master Qiu
    is an art professor of a local college in Xishuangbanna.
    Graduated in Yunnan Art School and has been making Dai poetry
    over a decade. He is committed to a various researches and techniques
    in pottery production , applying concepts of combination traditional
    technique with modern design to develop innovations in Dai poetry.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 68 items