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If you are tea business or even small tea seller , you can contact us for cooperation possibilities. Please do not forget to introduce yourself properly and provide some materials ( links to websites , soc.media ) about what do you do ( in matter of tea business ) . Please do not send us a wholesale request unless you can proof of doing a tea business.

Our teas shop is located in Kunming and so the our storage ( dry storage ) . Please make sure you understand the storage differences before doing the tea business with China ( especially pu-erh tea ) . Read more in Our Tea section.

Our online tea selection is limited but we do have an access to much wider range of teas which we are able to deliver on special orders in different price and quality ranges. So if you are looking for reliable Tea supplier from China , please do not hesitate to make a request for the tea you are looking for.

We travel few times per year to the various tea farms and can deliver some authentic tea ( from less known places ) directly from there , same as we are able to source general / commonly known loose leaf from Kunming tea markets.

Wholesale Teaware Supply

Apart of the regular tea ware available on our website we are also able to get other / more affordable ( business suitable ) pieces. Since we mostly focusing on crafted and unique products we do not upload too many of those on our website. 

Custom Tea Pottery Supply - We are able to provide tea pottery made of Jianshui Purple clay and Dai Pottery on special orders ( required styles and designs ) including your personal stamp on them which we can be written by our calligraphy master for you or use your own design. This is usually suitable for the wholesale pottery orders.
Please note that those are handmade products so not all are the same. 

Wholesale and Custom Tea Accessories supply - Apart of the standard accessories , which are not all on our website, we can also provide other tea related tools or decoration. We can provide custom designed appliances for your tea shop aw well and help with new ideas.

Custom Tea Pressing & Packaging

Private tea pressing  - every year we offer spring and autumn tea for pressing and wrapping with your company or personal wrapper and nei piao. This concept is suitable mostly for tea business which strives for their own branding.

The updated Custom Pressing price list is on b2b page accessible only via password which we provide to tea business only!

If you are looking for a Private label tea supplier from Yunnan - We are able to provide custom packaging, labeling or even tea pressing in various forms starting from small amounts to help your brand kick off with smallest possible budget. OEM tea with your private label and custom blends.

Tea Education

We do not provide any information about Tea Health Benefits , which has been mostly promoted by very commercial running tea businesses. We can help you get yourself oriented in Yunnan teas in order to be able to talk to your customers and promote your products genuine way and not creating some fairy tales.

Wholesale Prices

If you click on scroll button of each tea , you will notice that the prices are discounted with increased amount ( more details in FAQ ) . If you wish to purchase more than available attribute , please do not hesitate and contact us via email with particular item request and desired amount.

The wholesale price comes with wholesale amount and we do not overprice our products in order to be able offer some "wholesale" discount for smaller amounts to make an illusion that you are getting a great deal even with small order ( that's typical for Chinese tea markets ).

It is very good and functional marketing strategy for sure, but we prefer to be much straight in that matter.

Please understand that packing 10 different 200g bags of teas in one box the way that it arrives safe , is much harder than send them in 10 different boxes ( especially if it's fragile loose leaf in combination with hard pu-erh cakes or teaware ). We believe those "extra" money made from such kind of order ( more items in small amounts ) cover the "extra" work related to that complex packaging.

If you wish to get some more discounts on our products trough the frequency of orders, please read our Loyalty Points & Vouchers section in footer.

Wholesale price list - We do not have any standard wholesale tea price list neither teaware wholesale price list. We treat wholesale orders individually based on many factors so it would be too complicated and difficult write it down in «solid numbers». We proceed wholesale orders via email very simple way. Place your order request with items and amounts ( links from our website ) , we will offer you our best price for whole package and then you decide. We can provide estimated shipping fee , but only roughly ( more details Estimated shipping in Delivery section in the footer ) .

If it's first time for you doing business with us and wish to discuss cooperation, we would highly appreciate if you can introduce your self in your email. Just simply honestly say what you do, what is your aim in matter of tea business in near future ..etc. No need any official statement or certificate but any legit link leading to your identity would be also welcomed :-)

Custom Tea Sourcing - We also offer wide selection of tea which is not listed on our website. Updated Custom Tea Sourcing List with prices is available on google-docs shared file accessible via our blog Page of Tea.

Pre-sales - We offer to wholesale customers pre-order tea or pottery for discounted prices. Please contact us for more details.

Drop Shipping

We are very open to discuss any type of cooperation but before you contact us with drop-shipping concept , please check our prices ( ask for shipping rates ) and think if you can still be competitive on such a saturated market as the modern Tea Business is. We can't offer any decent discounts on small orders even if many of them could come in future , because it would mean to employ some people for help , which rises the costs and consequently the prices of the product.

Tea quality

Before proceeding any wholesale order , we highly recommend to order samples first. If you choose to believe that the quality of our tea is low ( without even trying the sample ) because the prices are lower than in other shops , in that case we are happy you are not shopping with us and wish you all success in future tea business :-)