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    Shu Pu-erh


    Please read Shu Puer Masterclass page first!

    Shu ( ripe ) or Shou Pu-Erh tea. The wò duī fermentation process
    is an accelerated fermentation into "ripe" shou cha.
    Originally developed by the Kunming Tea Factory 
    in 1973 and then continued by Menghai factory. 

    Yunnan shu pu-erh tea from Menghai , Bao Shan,
    , Lin Cang, Pu'er ( Simao ) and Myanm...


    Please read Shu Puer Masterclass page first!

    Shu ( ripe ) or Shou Pu-Erh tea. The wò duī fermentation process
    is an accelerated fermentation into "ripe" shou cha.
    Originally developed by the Kunming Tea Factory 
    in 1973 and then continued by Menghai factory. 

    Yunnan shu pu-erh tea from Menghai , Bao Shan,
    , Lin Cang, Pu'er ( Simao ) and Myanmar.


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    • Dali

      Da Yi (大理)
      Da Li state is one of the famous parts of Yunnan Province.
      From historical part the area is well know for Nan Zhao Kingdom in A.D. 738-937. It's also famous for mountain Wu Liang Shan which big part of it belongs to Nanjian county of Dali State and it has been reliable source of high quality tea for well known companies like Xia Guan ( Xiaguan Tuo Cha ) for many years.

    • Baoshan

      Baoshan -  located in the west part of Yunnan because its cultural and economic influence became as
      one of the most important areas linked with northern part of Myanmar.
      As per recent archaeologists discoveries its suggested this is the one of the place
      where very first human race was born.
      Baoshan has a long history of civilization and about three thousand years ago
      locals already had established their kingdom, and the tea was the part of their diet.

    • Lincang

      Lincang is one of important town of Yunnan Province.
      It’s located in the south-west of Yunnan. It’s the main gateway to Myanmar
      and since two thousand years ago Lincang has already became a very important town in Yunnan,
      whether in agriculture, trade or ethnic culture aspects. Lincang has been known as the old southern silk and tea route.

    • Pu'er ( Simao )

      Puer is located in south part of Yunnnan and it's also called Simao ( mostly by locals ).
      From around a thousand years ago the Ancient Tea Route was a trade link
      from Pu'er to India via Tibet. The other one to the central China.
      That time all tea transfer by land was done by horses.

    • Xishuangbanna

      Xishuangbanna is located in very south part of Yunnan. The name " Xi Shang Ban Na "
      comes from the ethnic language,
      it means Twelve Thousand Fields. XI Shuang Ban Na is linked with Laos and Myanmar.
      The six famous tea mountains are located in this prefecture which
      makes it the biggest producer of highly demanded pu-erh tea.

    • Myanmar

      Myanmar - officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar ,
      also known as Burma, is a sovereign state in the region of Southeast Asia.
      Myanmar is not really famous for the tea production
      but it has a few places like Guogan where old trees can be found.

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      USD 3.68 In Stock

      Very smoky mixed 2nd and 3rd grade of shu puer from Myanmar. Bittersweet in heavy infusions , yet smokey-sweet with wet wood notes in lighter brewings.

      USD 3.68
      In Stock
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      USD 3.52 In Stock

      Shu pu-erh tea naturally pressed during the fermentation into the pellets called "cha tou" with balanced overall taste -  not too dry. It takes around 3 infusions before pellets start to give full and rich tea soup which lasts for next 10 steps. The medium fermented shu has sweet tea liquor is sweet with touch of old wood with sweet sensation under tongue...

      USD 3.52
      In Stock
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      USD 9.76 In Stock
      1 Review(s)

      Small shu puerh tea cake produced in year of the monkey as stated on the wrapper. Rich, thick tea liqour you get after 3rd infusion filled with walnuts and caramel notes. This is a good daily drinker for very good price. Unfortunately we couldn't get a same batch in 357g version, but we believe it's worth to take a full tong, if you are addicted shu puer...

      USD 9.76
      In Stock
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      USD 57.60 In Stock

      Hard pressed tea material from Bulang mountain , fermented in Menghai ,  needs to go through few infusions before it starts to release sweet and rich liqueur. Naturally obtained "nuo mi" - sticky rice notes due to the storage will linger on your tongue during many infusions. Stronger steepings will make well balanced shu puerh taste for those who are not...

      USD 57.60
      In Stock
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      USD 70.40 In Stock

      Very well made shu from Cha Yi Fang company. The price from 2011 differs quite a lot and we believe that in quality side, its just like that. Smooth and sweet tea liqueur with scent of old wood, hint of walnuts and wild honey notes. Hard pressed cake need 2-3 brewings before gets to the working mode , but then u get 10+ rich infusions. For dedicated shu...

      USD 70.40
      In Stock
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      USD 41.60 In Stock

      "Yue Chen Yue Xiang" freely translated "longer time better taste" , typical Menghai shu puerh with outstanding taste. Sweet walnut notes without any uncomfortable "dui wei". Smooth and sweet, no any unpleasant side tastes. Brewed tea leafs have very nice scent of honey and walnuts. Very good daily drinker.

      USD 41.60
      In Stock
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      USD 4.32 In Stock

      Gong Ting Shu puerh from Shuang Jiang tea factory. This 4g hard pressed mini tuo cha needs 3+ infusions to open up. With longer steeping times the citrusy notes will emerge as typical for Lincang shu puer teas. Very good budget daily shu puer drinker for lovers of taste than traditional Menghai production with size suitable for 100 - 140ml steeping ( gong...

      USD 4.32
      In Stock
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      USD 21.44 In Stock

      Shi Dun shu pu-erh fermented and pressed into the cake in Menghai then stored in Kunming. Tea liqueur is clean dark red ,thick, creamy sweet taste with hint of dry nuts. It's a typical Meng Hai flavor and vry good daily drinker.

      USD 21.44
      In Stock
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      USD 28.80 In Stock

      Medium light fermented tea leaves from plantations of Bang Lang mountain which is the part of the Ailao Shan. This cake represents typical taste of shu puerh from Puer area as you can expect from tea factories like Long Sheng. Caramel and walnuts would be the keynotes emerging in brewed tea leaves and so in taste in your cup. Without any deep soil earthy...

      USD 28.80
      In Stock
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      USD 13.60 Product available with different options

      typical example of woody shu puerh made in dark fermentation with technique called "cheng wei" to imitate a taste of older shu puerh. The presence of "huang pian" gives tea sort of medicinal taste with sweet aftertaste. Budget drinker for woody shu puerh lovers.

      USD 13.60
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      USD 26.40 In Stock

      Authentic way of fermentation gives this shu pu-erh from Baoshan arbor tea trees very distinctive flavour from others. It has a scent of old red wood with the pleasant hint of traditional Chinese medicine, at the very first  brew tea gives sweet sensation in mouth and back of the tongue. This is small private processed batch with handwritten calligraphy...

      USD 26.40
      In Stock
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      USD 28.00 In Stock
      2 Review(s)

      Spring leafs and buds from Ai Lao Shan mountain area altitude around 2000m.The medium-light fermented tea is rich and sweet, it is outstanding for unique flavor of the fresh walnuts and mild Hui Gan. This is 2nd pressing batch (same material from 2016 but this one was pressed in 2019 ). So was stored in loose 3 years in producers storage.

      USD 28.00
      In Stock
    Showing 1 - 12 of 99 items