Loyalty Points & Vouchers

For almost every product in our shop you can receive loyalty points which can be converted into the voucher later. 1CNY = 1 point and 1 point is set to 0.05CNY value , which makes 5% discount on products ( We reserve rights to change this ratio at any time without notice. ).

The validity of the points is set on 1 year since your order has been marked as Delivered , in that period of time you can convert them to the voucher which will be valid another 90 days ( 3 months ). Please check the expiration date on your points and vouchers before attempt to use them!

We can't give any loyalty points for discounted products , on special offers , on custom orders, on shipping fee or other fees.

Your loyalty points are valid when your goods are delivered and no claims / returns are requested. If you have received your goods and you are satisfied with the order, please Confirm Delivery in your Order History by clicking on green button " Confirm Delivery" . Your Loyalty Points for this order will be automatically validated right after. Please note : By confirming the delivery you also confirm that the parcel arrived without any problems ( no broken items etc.) , so no claims can be proceed after that!

Convert loyalty points to a voucher :

My account>My loyalty points - Transform my points into a voucher.

To see your vouchers:

My account>My vouchers

The minimum order amount in order to use these vouchers is: ¥ 100.00 ( If we change this amount , it will appear in your loyalty points section ) .

The voucher can not be transferred to other account,can not be split between separate orders, can not be used on discounted items , can not be used towards to shipping fee.

Voucher not valid yet :

It could take up to 24 hours for voucher being validated!

In section "Loyalty Points" you can see that your points were successfully converted to the voucher and its ready to use from today's date , however in "My Vouchers" section you still see " You do not have any vouchers." or no new voucher appeared there yet. If you try to apply the voucher it says "Voucher not valid yet".

This delay function is set by default in our Prestashop platform for security reasons ( vouchers not being misused ) and we can not change it. Apologies for any inconvenience.

If your voucher is not working after that time, please contact us.

Get a free voucher! ( Referral program )

My account>Referral Program

If you are happy with our products and feel like to recommend us to your friends, we are more than happy to reward you and your friends with 5% discount voucher. Your voucher is applied only to your order ( means 5% discount from the order you apply voucher on ) !


Please tell your friend to check email spam box!  Automatic email we send contains link to our shop and most of the email providers will classify it as a spam.

We reserve rights to cancel the voucher or account at any time without warning if we find out that that referral program has been abused!

Your friend can use the voucher immediately but your's will be activated after his/her's order has been proceed and delivered without any issues. ( same rules with regular voucher as described above )


He / She has to put your e-mail address ( same You use for your account in our shop ) during the registration " Recommended by : "

Promotion vouchers

We also generate free vouchers with some promotional occasions. Please mind that vouchers can't be generated for guest accounts ! ( Only registered customers ) .  At the moment we don't send emails to notify customers about the vouchers, we post the note on our FB page.

To convert your Guest account to Customer one, please contact us.

Loyalty points and vouchers