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    Loose autumn red ( black ) tea 25-1000g.

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      USD 10.08 Out of stock

      4 x 25g samples set of different Black (red) teas to give tea drinker opportunity compare the taste of different way processes. From light oxidized golden tips Jin Si Dian Hong through the unique shai hong processing of Gong Fu Qiao Mu aside with generally fully oxidised purple variety Zi Juan Hong Cha , ending up with "ti xiang" technique also called...

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      USD 7.04 In Stock
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      Also known as Yunnan golden Needles. Yunnan Dianhong Black tea from Feng Qing made of autumn tips of Yun Keng Shi Hao variety. The tea leafs are processed accurately and rolled with big tips together into the shape of needles. Big Golden Needles  - Da Jin Zhen. Sweet taste with hint of blossoming flowers in the spring with slight and pleasant bitterness...

      USD 7.04
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      USD 4.32 In Stock
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      "Hong Ya" - red tips / buds is translation of this typical Dianhong black tea which is very close to the " Jin Si " grade but for lower price. Typical skinny gold golden color tips emerges during processing and after accurate withering. Light yellow and crystal clear tea soup is very smooth with traditional fruity notes , touch of honey in aroma and...

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      USD 5.44 In Stock

      Autumn black tea from our Dan Cong tea farmer.  Very simple but good dark roasted daily drinker black tea. Sweet and warming. The roast is a little bit heavier than the spring version we usually offer so nutty and charcoal notes are more dominant in this batch.

      USD 5.44
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    Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items