Tea Tour

Looking for a Tea Tour Agency with certain tea tours / packages all inclusive in major tea production areas? We are not the one. However if you are planning to come to Yunnan for Tea Trip without basic knowledge of Chinese language and desire to go where tourists don't go,  we can help.

wild forest with tea trees

We do not provide sightseeing tours but offer tea business aimed visits. With right timing and some luck can also help you to get your hands on pu-erh tea processing. Help you to understand the importance of technology behind the scenes for future independent sourcing and selecting right tea material.

kill green - puerh tea processing

Direct connection with Tea Farmers

During the journey we also can help you to make a connection directly with tea farmer , tea producer or tea factory. Find a solution of the most convenient , price suitable tea sourcing and delivering to your country. Helping with translation and communication with tea farmers, tea factories or smaller tea producers. 
Other services related are also available ( listed in Wholesale section ).

tea farmer's house

If already have planned which Yunnan tea farms you want to visit and just looking for a local translator with knowledge of tea business , we also can help.

tea selection

Sourcing tea directly from Yunnan tea farm or tea factory might have few complications and obstacles. We can provide a solutions for certain fees.

tea delivery

Selection of the Mao Cha

We can provide consultancy services for selecting the right loose tea leaf for your tea business needs or further custom processing like pressing or fermentation.

choosing right tea leaf

Buying Tea in Kunming Tea Market

We can help you with translation in Kunming tea market , advice with buying tea , teaware and shipping to your country.