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    Shu pu-erh tea pressed into the cakes 200 - 250g.

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      USD 16.00 In Stock
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      Shu puerh tea from Bulang mountain processed back in 2011 blended with the Pasha 2017. Very interesting concept of medium fermented Bulang shu puerh with dark-ish Pasha. Intensive dark chocolate notes accompanying flavor of nuts which you will "chew" after 2nd or 4rd infusion. Only 30% of lao cha is enough to give the tea well balanced taste and...

      USD 16.00
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      USD 9.76 Out of stock
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      Small shu puerh tea cake produced in year of the monkey as stated on the wrapper. Rich, thick tea liqour you get after 3rd infusion filled with walnuts and caramel notes. This is a good daily drinker for very good price. Unfortunately we couldn't get a same batch in 357g version, but we believe it's worth to take a full tong, if you are addicted shu puer...

      USD 9.76
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      USD 27.20 In Stock

      Small private production from arbor tea trees growing near to Zhang Lang village.  Fruity notes coming out of the hot leaves in aroma and consequently in taste will reveal small batch production. Not selected grade so the content ( ratio of leaves and tips ) is same as mao cha was harvested , medium pressed so can be easily chipped. Smooth shu with unique...

      USD 27.20
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      USD 19.20 In Stock

      Blend of mao cha from Lao He Zhai , Mei Zi Qing and Mang Fei villages , fermented in Yong De and pressed in Kunming year later.  This spring ( yep , it is )  material has typical Yongde notes of roasted walnuts ( very noticeable from aroma )  with touch of fruitiness in taste. Rich and creamy , no pile odor, very easy drinker. There is not much to...

      USD 19.20
      In Stock
    Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items