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    USD 57.60 In Stock

    Hard pressed tea material from Bulang mountain , fermented in Menghai ,  needs to go through few infusions before it starts to release sweet and rich liqueur. Naturally obtained "nuo mi" - sticky rice notes due to the storage will linger on your tongue during many infusions. Stronger steepings will make well balanced shu puerh taste for those who are not...

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    USD 54.08 In Stock

    Pressed into the cake in Po Jiao village and stored for few years then brought to Kunming, 3 years of dry storage .When brewing this tea, room will fill up with smoky scent and notes of camphor tree with slight hint of flowers which becomes more distinctive within consequent infusions. The smoky aroma will fade away same time when strong "hui gan" comes...

    USD 54.08
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    USD 7.20 In Stock

    The spring tea material from arbor trees of Ba Da mountain processed in Zhang Lang village and later stone pressed into the cake by stone. Tea soup liqueur has very strong smoky scent  , very slowly graduating but long lasting "hui gan".

    USD 7.20
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    USD 11.20 In Stock
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    An interesting piece of 250g brick from good old comrades. The purple tea leafs were pressed and stored in Menghai for few years , then in Kunming , so it has a slight touch of wet storage but rather pleasant. ( not like HK or GZ storage ). Well balanced tea liquor is soft and offers pleasant fruity sweet mouthfeel with touch of "Mei Zi" - the Chinese plum.

    USD 11.20
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    USD 96.00 Out of stock

    "jia ji" - top grade in translation is suggesting that this well stored sheng pu-erh from Zhong Cha tea company should be the real deal. Sure it is. Full tea leafs carefully pressed release fruity scent even though the wrapper. Those notes are much intensive when brewing first infusions and sweetness through the many steepings with touch dry wood and hint...

    USD 96.00
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    USD 65.60 In Stock

    Old school shu puerh cake from arbor tea tree material pressed tight will release rich chocolate liqour after 3rd infusion. Touch of the dry wood and slight notes of roasted peanuts , walnuts ..all that in one cup during many steepings. Teapot with thick walls is more suitable for this tea due to the possibility of longer brewing times till the end of...

    USD 65.60
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    USD 21.60 In Stock

    Autumn harvest sheng puerh processed and pressed into the 2kg bamboo basket by Lin Yin Hao tea factory where it was stored one year and after in Kunming. Sweet fruity notes from the hot gaiwan and taste in your cup later. Honey aroma in pitcher will tease your taste buds like with glass of wine. It's very hard to dig out the leaves from basket so please...

    USD 21.60
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    USD 67.20 In Stock

    Spring harvest from the arbor trees growing nearby Da Hu Sai village which is not that overhyped as the Xiao Hu Sai , yet it's fame has also the price. Fruity tea with full body reflecting the clean dry Kunming storage with very slow ageing. Gentle bitter finish with some astringency in harder steepings will disclose the young age of trees, yet not tai di...

    USD 67.20
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items