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  • Pottery

    Selected category of handmade Yunnan pottery . 
    Traditional Dai Clay and Jianshui Zi Tao purple pottery.

  • Tea

    Selected category of tea divided into groups by its character ,
    grade or type like old arbor trees, wild tea trees ,
    purple varietal or huang pian - the yellow tea leaves.

  • Tea Selection

    Category of narrow selection from our online shop
    for the first time buyers who are not sure yet ,
    based on which criteria to choose their tea.

  • Tea Education

    Practice makes better! There are many smart articles
    on internet and books about the tea available to buy.
    But the main part of tea education , we believe ,
    is not the theory but actual drinking the tea and
    comparing differences between many aspects.
    We include in this category products ,
    which we believe are beneficial to tea drinker in a matter
    of practical experience.
    You can also check some comparing tea reviews in our blog.

  • Other

    Selected category of other groups
    and products in our online shop.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 248 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 248 items