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We are small family tea shop located in Kunming. We mainly specialize on pu-erh tea , black (red) and white tea. Except of famous brands , which we have in offer for our customer's satisfaction, we mainly focusing on smaller , less known producers , tea farmers.

The aim is not only provide a good quality tea and support those small tea makers same time , but  also give to the tea drinkers an opportunity to try unique tea, which could be differently processed , tea sourced from various areas , mountains and villages in Yunnan.

Beside of regular bush tea ( tai di cha ) we are trying to offer as much as we can teas from Arbor , Old ( Ancient ) tea trees . Our goal is not to be an Ultimate Tea Vendor providing every possible tea available on the tea market ( although We do have an access to Kunming tea markets on wholesale basis and able to source any tea on special orders. )  , neither resell average tea in some fancy packaging for much higher price,   but to select only some tea which we find outstanding for it's quality - taste - price.
All teas in our online selection are the ones we personally enjoy drinking and we feel confident with. ( recommend to our customers )

We travel to the tea farms few times per year and doing it as a hobby rather than ambitious business, so we share obtained experiences in our blog although we know we have been followed mostly by competitors :-)  In fact, we are happy if other tea vendors read and learn from our mistakes, because we believe it can benefit to all of us .

Simply do the things right. We do not and we don't want to compete with anyone , that's not our dream as same as not promoting such a commercially lifted Tea Culture. We simply want to sell good quality tea and teaware for fair price.

Siran - Yunnan girl coming from the family doing tea business  dating back to 1920 in Kunming. ( Bi Luo Chun Tea House ). She decided to continue the tradition which was abandoned by the previous generation and build all from the scratch again , relying only on her knowledge and passion for tea.

Alex - Czech guy born in Russia. Met his wife ( Siran ) on his travels across the Asia and decided to stay. Learned about the Chinese tea and got seriously addicted , especially to pu-erh tea.

We are grateful for your support and any useful feedback which could help to improve our customer service.

We communicate in Czech , Russian, English and Chinese.

Pu-erh tea store

If you are looking for to buy dry stored pu-erh tea , we are the shop.

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Kunming dry storage

Our store is located in Kunming so the most of our teas are dry storage. If there is a wet storage tea in our shop we specially write it in description.

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