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Ya Bao

Ye Sheng Ya Bao is Camelia varietal from wild tea trees
growing in Yunnan.
Small buds sprouts from the tea tree branches
and being plucked in spring time.

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    Early spring plucked buds from wild growing tea trees in Baoshan prefecture and processed only by drying as a white tea. Sweet and almost no color ( clear ) tea liqour with pine tree notes in aroma of brewed buds and in taste as well. Suitable also for long time brewing in the bottle or jar.

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    The flowers from wild tea trees growing on Big Snow mountain processed in village in Yong De area. Ya Bao is usually used as additional ingredient for black or pu-erh tea. It gives sweetness to the bitter tea and bring forest ( wild scent ) notes. The scent of fresh melting snow in early spring comes out from the glass or pitcher. Sweet taste with notes...

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    USD 9.60 In Stock

    These ya bao are picked from purple tea bushes Zi Ya in Lincang. Compare to other wild ya bao those are not as green ( herbal ) taste like neither mild ( like white tea ) , but rather fruity and sweet. The typical taste of Zi Ya tea is also noticeably reflected in those small sprouts / buds and give the tea liqour rather aged taste , which makes suitable...

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    USD 7.84 In Stock

    Slightly different in taste from the other "regular" ye sheng ya bao we offer. Less citrusy "wild taste" but more spices and herbs in aftertaste. There is no any processing involved in production , just simple drying , so that's why it's in white tea category . Although these buds can handle boiling water, we recommend to use lower temperatures to enjoy...

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    USD 7.04 In Stock

    Flowers from wild tea trees of purple " zi ya " varietal growing at Big Snow Mountain in Yong De area. Brewing simply in jar and wait for flowers to open. By taste it reminds the Ye Sheng Zi Ya Ya Bao but with gentle bitterness giving an impression of the actual tea , rather than ya bao.

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items