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    Shu Pu-erh

    Shu pu-erh tea pressed into the cakes from 6g to 3kg.

    Shu Pu-erh There are 31 products.


    • mini cake 4 - 20g

      Shu pu-erh tea pressed into the cakes from 4g to 20g

    • 100g

      Shu pu-erh tea pressed into the cakes 100g.

    • 200 - 250g

      Shu pu-erh tea pressed into the cakes 200 - 250g.

    • 357g

      Shu pu-erh tea pressed into the cakes 357g.

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      USD 57.60 In Stock

      Hard pressed tea material from Bulang mountain , fermented in Menghai ,  needs to go through few infusions before it starts to release sweet and rich liqueur. Naturally obtained "nuo mi" - sticky rice notes due to the storage will linger on your tongue during many infusions. Stronger steepings will make well balanced shu puerh taste for those who are not...

      USD 57.60
      In Stock
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      USD 70.40 In Stock

      Very well made shu from Cha Yi Fang company. The price from 2011 differs quite a lot and we believe that in quality side, its just like that. Smooth and sweet tea liqueur with scent of old wood, hint of walnuts and wild honey notes. Hard pressed cake need 2-3 brewings before gets to the working mode , but then u get 10+ rich infusions. For dedicated shu...

      USD 70.40
      In Stock
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      USD 41.60 In Stock

      "Yue Chen Yue Xiang" freely translated "longer time better taste" , typical Menghai shu puerh with outstanding taste. Sweet walnut notes without any uncomfortable "dui wei". Smooth and sweet, no any unpleasant side tastes. Brewed tea leafs have very nice scent of honey and walnuts. Very good daily drinker.

      USD 41.60
      In Stock
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      USD 4.80 In Stock

      Shi Dun shu pu-erh fermented and pressed into the cake in Menghai then stored in Kunming. Tea liqueur is clean dark red ,thick, creamy sweet taste with hint of dry nuts. It's a typical Meng Hai flavor and vry good daily drinker.

      USD 4.80
      In Stock
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      USD 30.72 In Stock
      2 Review(s)

      Spring leafs and buds from Ai Lao Shan mountain area altitude around 2000m.The medium-light fermented tea is rich and sweet, it is outstanding for unique flavor of the fresh walnuts and mild Hui Gan. This is 2nd pressing batch (same material from 2016 but this one was pressed in 2019 ). So was stored in loose 3 years in producers storage.

      USD 30.72
      In Stock
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      USD 16.32 In Stock

      Classic Menghai shu puerh production from small tea factory.  Decent amount of tips gives the richness and bigger leaves sustainability of individual brewings. 2019 batch pressed in 2021. Gentle taste of wet wood in combination with light earthy notes become more vivid in harder steepings. Touch of "huang pian" is noticeable in lighter brewings which tend...

      USD 16.32
      In Stock
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      USD 9.92 Out of stock

      4 x 25g different shu pu-erh samples giving to tea drinker an opportunity to compare small private production with factory production. Refer to Smart Tea Drinker for mo details.

      USD 9.92
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      USD 9.60 In Stock

      Sweet , woody and nutty flavor is experienced after 3rd steeping when medium pressed 357g tea cake starts to give out all it has. Thick tea soup rich in walnut flavor leaves comfortable sensation in mouth very long time. No any discomfortable dry taste.

      USD 9.60
      In Stock
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      USD 120.00 In Stock

      Legendary 7572 from 2010 can be found on Chinese market in many "versions" (fakes) so we buy all Da Yi teas only from authorised supplier. Sweet and mellow, no any uncomfortable strange taste. Slightly woody scent and sweet caramel mouth sensation is a sign of good storage.

      USD 120.00
      In Stock
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      USD 199.04 Product available with different options

      Crystal clear ruby red tea liquor is rich and sweet! No any weird wet or dry notes in present give sign of very good storage. The caramelo-walnutty scent from the hot gai wan lid will tell you about the unique fermentation. As a vintage shu it needs few infusions to start releasing real "juice" which has some woody notes due to the Kunming storage , but...

      USD 199.04
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      USD 0.72 In Stock

      Pressed "lao huang pian" yellow leafs from old tea trees. Te tea liquor is medium dark red and not thick as regular shu pu-erh but its sweet. Notes of " you jian bing" Chinese deep fried pancake from beginning which slightly transformers to the scent of old leafs fallen on the ground in deep forest. Very slight wet notes and touch of "nuo mi xiang"...

      USD 0.72
      In Stock
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      USD 14.08 In Stock

      Woody and smoky aroma with very slight wet notes which tells about previous Simao storage and give specific overall body to this decent shu pu from Longsheng company. Although material is obviously nothing impressive , still can get few medium-rich infusions with sweet aftertaste and noticeable smokey notes. This could be very good daily drinker for those...

      USD 14.08
      In Stock
    Showing 1 - 12 of 31 items