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    USD 70.40 In Stock

    Very well made shu from Cha Yi Fang company. The price from 2011 differs quite a lot and we believe that in quality side, its just like that. Smooth and sweet tea liqueur with scent of old wood, hint of walnuts and wild honey notes. Hard pressed cake need 2-3 brewings before gets to the working mode , but then u get 10+ rich infusions. For dedicated shu...

    USD 70.40
    In Stock
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    USD 9.28 In Stock

    Sheng pu-erh from Mengku Rongshi tea factory. Spring harvest of tea  is pressed by stone in tea factory into the 500g cake. The term "Mu Shu" - stands for - Mother Tree. The tea liquor has very settled and smooth taste without any excessive bitterness. Vivid orchid notes combined with light smoky fragrance. Gentle graduating sweet aftertaste "hui gan"...

    USD 9.28
    In Stock
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    USD 14.08 In Stock

    Woody and smoky aroma with very slight wet notes which tells about previous Simao storage and give specific overall body to this decent shu pu from Longsheng company. Although material is obviously nothing impressive , still can get few medium-rich infusions with sweet aftertaste and noticeable smokey notes. This could be very good daily drinker for those...

    USD 14.08
    In Stock
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    USD 14.40 In Stock

    Semi aged sheng pu-erh few years stored in Shuang Jiang farmer's place ( Dai family storage ). Clean storage without any excessive wet notes or unpleasant smokiness despite previous Lincang storage ( moved to Kunming later ) . Nice woody and fruity notes with combination of bitter front taste. Sweet mouthfeel comes along slowly and in humble way but...

    USD 14.40
    In Stock
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    USD 35.20 In Stock

    Bitter dark chocolate scent comes out from hot gaiwan. Clean sweet tea liquor with noticeable dry wood notes. Well settled shu puerh in Yongde county for many years. White dots on the surface are from the wrapping paper so don’t worry, it’s not a fungus. The tea leafs are from Ming Feng Shan mountain are from small arbor trees , so you can sometimes find...

    USD 35.20
    In Stock
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    USD 8.96 In Stock

    The aroma of brewed hot leaves have light touch or roasted nuts but those are not much reflected in taste it self as it's mostly covered by traditional wet basement layer during the entire session. Slight bitterness might appear at the beginning ( especially in strong infusions ) but leaving a sweet impression in mouth right after few cups. Decent daily...

    USD 8.96
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items