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    Two to three leafs and bud selection of spring harvest from 70-100 years old arbor trees in Pa Sha mountain which elevates from 1200 to 2000m alt. Fresh tea leafs processed by hand and then traditionally pressed by stone. This medium pressed tea cake gives a slight bitter,  but not much astringent , tea soup followed by pleasant warming sweet aftertaste.

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    "Yue Chen Yue Xiang" freely translated "longer time better taste" , typical Menghai shu puerh with outstanding taste. Sweet walnut notes without any uncomfortable "dui wei". Smooth and sweet, no any unpleasant side tastes. Brewed tea leafs have very nice scent of honey and walnuts. Very good daily drinker.

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    USD 37.78 In Stock

    The spring tea leafs harvested from young arbor tea trees growing on  Ba Da mountain.  Fresh leafs were processed by people local of Man Pa Le village and later pressed into the cake traditional way by stone. Medium pressed tea cake releases clear liqueur with honey fragrance touch of wild orchid. Slight bitter but not astringent tea provides quite fast...

    USD 37.78
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    USD 111.63 In Stock

    Spring harvest from small arbor tea trees growing at tea garden owned by Rongshi company in Mang Fei village . "Da Ye" - big leafs, typical for that area, are pressed by stone in into the 500g cake. Mangfei tea is distinctive from other in that area. It has a rather bitter and astringent front taste which is turning to the sweet sensation in throat in...

    USD 111.63
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    USD 8.05 In Stock

    this tea is rather bitter than sweet and not that rich, but it gives slight sweet feeling under tongue after few infusions. Tea soup is deep red color and has a smokey touch . This could be suitable for people who like drinking coffee without sugar. Wouldn't be our best choice for shu cha, but it obtained popularity among our Russian customers so we...

    USD 8.05
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    USD 43.53 In Stock

    Takes few infusions to get this dry stored shu cha release tasty tea. First few steepings are rather bitter , but slightly changes to sweet taste later. Longer infusions help to achieve nice dark and rich tea soup.As it happens with all big tea manufacturers or companies , the Zhong Cha tea prices also rising up not only based on actual aging value , so...

    USD 43.53
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    USD 4.60 In Stock

    Drying Chinese cabbage on wooden bench in small minority village with wild honey notes would be a sort of description of the scent coming out from your pot with first infusion. Although doesn't sound attractive but must say overall fragrance has a sweet base and so it is the taste.The most important part is the Lotus leafs which are pressed with tea and...

    USD 4.60
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    USD 25.14 In Stock

    " The King of the Bulang mountain " ...quite exaggerated name for the actual mix of Bulang and Lancang tea material, but must say this blend is successful. Bulang bitter small arbor leafs mixed with flowery scent of neighboring Lancang bush tea leafs material give nice overall body of tea liqueur. Nice fruity beginning with following refreshing sweet...

    USD 25.14
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    An Hua Hei Cha originally from Hu Nan province. Dark loose tea leafs covered by "jin hua" golden flowers or mushrooms which is fungus purposely grown by special way of fermentation and it gives the tea unique sweet & sour taste. As a still  quite young hei cha it could be well stored but also already good for drinking now. Sweet ish woody...

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    USD 6.61 In Stock

    An unique post processing of An Hua hei cha. Tea leafs roasted on the wood have an intensive deep scent of nuts and dark chocolate with smokey background with hint of walnut shell.Despite of it's young age , the tea is very nice to drink now and has a bit old hei cha characteristics. Because to this type of processing we believe the tea won't change much...

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    USD 5.75 In Stock

    Liu An Cha from Anhui province. Approximately 400g ( netto ) of tea pressed into the small bamboo basket. Tea is also wrapped in bamboo leaf. Nice charcoal, nutty bitter&sweet tea holds it's taste for solid 6+ infusions. Notes of the bamboo can be also experienced during the  steeping. We also offer higher grade ot this tea , from 2015 in smaller size...

    USD 5.75
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    USD 7.33 In Stock

    An Hua Hei Cha originally from Hu Nan province. The wet storage notes can be experienced even from the dry leafs and so in overall taste. In certain way it reminds Liu Bao a bit, but wetness is not that harsh and diminishes after few steepings. Liquor has  sweet-ish characteristics with gentle touch of honey-nutty notes.

    USD 7.33
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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items