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    USD 41.60 In Stock

    "Yue Chen Yue Xiang" freely translated "longer time better taste" , typical Menghai shu puerh with outstanding taste. Sweet walnut notes without any uncomfortable "dui wei". Smooth and sweet, no any unpleasant side tastes. Brewed tea leafs have very nice scent of honey and walnuts. Very good daily drinker.

    USD 41.60
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    USD 149.12 In Stock

    Spring harvest from small arbor tea trees growing at tea garden owned by Rongshi company in Mang Fei village . "Da Ye" - big leafs, typical for that area, are pressed by stone in into the 500g cake. Mangfei tea is distinctive from other in that area. It has a rather bitter and astringent front taste which is turning to the sweet sensation in throat in...

    USD 149.12
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    USD 8.00 In Stock

    Takes few infusions to get this dry stored shu cha release tasty tea. First few steepings are rather bitter , but slightly changes to sweet taste later. Longer infusions help to achieve nice dark and rich tea soup.As it happens with all big tea manufacturers or companies , the Zhong Cha tea prices also rising up not only based on actual aging value , so...

    USD 8.00
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    USD 35.20 In Stock
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    Medium-light fermented tea leafs from small arbor tea trees growing in small tea garden in Mengku. Walnut-chocolate infusions within each cup will not turn to the soil-earthy notes even during the longer time of brewing. Very soft / mild shu puerh suitable for the morning because easy going on your stomach The tea brick comes from private batch, small...

    USD 35.20
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items