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Selected category of handmade Yunnan pottery . 
Traditional Dai Clay and Jianshui Zi Tao purple pottery.

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  • Jianshui Purple Pottery

    Zi Tao - The purple pottery
    - with more than 900 years history going as far as
    Song Dynasty (about 900-1279AD ) , Jianshui was known
    as Qing porcelain. Since Qing Dynasty people started to make
    purple pottery in many different ways like pots, vases, jars, tea-sets, tableware, etc.
    The most famous is pot called "ji guo" - chicken pot, which is the special funel in the middle for steaming / cooking chicken.
    Jianshui clay can be found in different colors , such as red, yellow, gray, blue with white. , Jianshui pottery belong in top four potteries in China.

  • Dai Pottery

    traditional pottery produced by slow- wheel technique from ethnic minorities Dai

  • Yuxi Pottery

    Yuxi Pottery is famous for Qing Hua Ci ,
    the blue white porcelain but there are also different concepts, l
    ike mixed clays or wood fired teaware.

  • Huaning Pottery

    Dating back to Ming dynasty and specific for the natural rock mineral single or multicolor glaze.
    The most famous one is the green color vases , but with time
    local pottery makers also started create different concepts and also teaware.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 101 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 101 items