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    • Dayi

      Da Yi (大益)
      Originally Da Yi was name of Pu-erh tea’s brand from old Menghai tea factory.
      Menghai tea factory was one of big manufacturers of tea in Yunnan during 1938-1950.
      Menghai tea factory is known for its production of ripe ( Shu ) Pu-erh tea.
      Later on Da Yi became an official brand of Menghai tea factory.
      Da Yi Tea Group Company was established in 2004, since then Menghai tea factory has been one of the members.

    • Nanjian

      Nanjian Tea Factories ( 南涧 )
      category includes products from 3 different tea factories located in Nanjian area.
      1. Yunnan Nanjian Cha Chang 
      2. Nanjian Hi Long Tan  
      3. Tuling Feng Huang

      Yunnan Nanjian Cha Chang 
      factory doesn't have a long tea producing history in Yunnan province,

      but it’s known their Phoenix(Fenghuang) Tuo Cha branded by Gu De.
      The factory has been established in 1985 and since then they started produce the Phoenix tuo cha.
      The tea factory is located Wu Liang shan ( Wuliang mountain ) ,
      so most of the tea material comes from growing around old and arbor tea trees.

    • Xiaguan

      Xia guan Tuo Cha (下关沱茶)
      Xia Guan Tuo Cha ,also named Yunnan Tuo Cha that is origin from Ming Dynasty.
      It is one of compressed forms of Pu Er Tea, usually it`s smaller than pu-erh tea cake,
      that is easily to carry to anywhere,therefore it had been popular during the Ancient
      Tea Route. Xiaguan Tuo Cha is known as high quality tea with long history
      and typical intensive Cha Qi with smoky flavor.

    • Zhongcha

      Zhong Cha company (中茶)
      Zhong Cha was Established in 1949 and it was the first national tea company in China.
      Within few years company expanded and became a major trade company of Chinese tea .
      This company had been manufacturing lot of high quality Pu-erh tea, hei cha ,
      black tea, green tea, etc. for many years now . All of teas are branded as ‘Zhong Cha Pai’.

    • Mengкu Rongshi

      Mengku Rong Shi (勐库戎氏)
      Mengku Rong Shi tea factory is based in Shuangjiang ,south-west of Yunnan province.
      It is a family-run business for the last three generations which is more than a hundred years.
      Nowadays Rong Shi still follows the traditional way of of tea production and besides organic black tea is mainly focused on Sheng Pu-erh tea.

    • Haiwan Lao Tongzhi

      Hai Wan - Lao Tong Zhi  ( 海湾 - 老 同志 (下关沱茶 )
      Lao Tong Zhi ( in translation - Old comrades ) is one of famous Yunnan tea brands from Hai Wan Tea factory set up by two founders of the tea factory who are maters of processing Pu-erh tea in China.

    • Yunnan Dianhong Jituan

       Yunnan Dian Hong Ji Tuan ( 云南滇红集团 )
      "Yunnan Dian Hong Ji Tuan", this company is originally known for the black tea, but
      Tuo Cha is also one of the types of their products.

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      USD 122.69 In Stock

      Very distinctive , pleasant aroma of plums and orchids comes out from hot gaiwan within washing infusion already. First few cups don't give much , but after 3rd one it starts to release what it has.....a pleasant graduating body warming sensation , mouth will slowly and persistently fill with sweetness. Taste of plums with touch of old wood could be...

      USD 122.69
      In Stock
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      USD 70.11 Out of stock

      Very well stored tea cake. Scent of the walnuts crushed on the old wooden table comes out from gai wan within first brew. No any unpleasant taste or throat feeling of dry storage. The dark ruby red tea liquor is thick and sweet with very slight citrus sensation on sides of your tongue which gives nice boost of existing nutty flavor. Tea can be steeped...

      USD 70.11
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      Out of stock
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      USD 97.27 Product available with different options

      Sweet , woody and nutty flavor is experienced after 3rd steeping when medium pressed 357g tea cake starts to give out all it has. Thick tea soup rich in walnut flavor leaves comfortable sensation in mouth very long time. No any discomfortable dry taste.

      USD 97.27
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      USD 94.20 In Stock

      Scent of honey and dark chocolate can be experienced from hot gai wan before the first steeping. Beautiful woody taste with touch of caramel and sweet buzz sensation on sight of your tongue will make your day . No unpleasant sensations of over dry storage.

      USD 94.20
      In Stock
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      USD 91.28 In Stock

      Legendary 7572 from 2010 can be found on Chinese market in many "versions" (fakes) so we buy all Da Yi teas only from authorised supplier. Sweet and mellow, no any uncomfortable strange taste. Slightly woody scent and sweet caramel mouth sensation is a sign of good storage.

      USD 91.28
      In Stock
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      USD 43.09 In Stock

      Mixture of spring and autumn bush tea leafs from Menghai area and pressed into 357g pu-erh tea cake in 2012 , dry stored in Kunming until now. The woody scent of well stored sheng pu-erh can be experienced when steeping the leafs in gai wan. Very pleasant and back warming feeling along with bitter-sweet mouth sensation followed by mild "hui gan".

      USD 43.09
      In Stock
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      USD 46.74 In Stock

      Tea leafs were plucked, processed and pressed by Nan Jian tea factory which owns tea bushes growing on slopes Wu Liang mountain elevated around 2400m.alt. The tea material which is normally used for tuocha is pressed into the 400g tea cake makes quite difference in taste. Golden tea liquor is well balanced bitter-sweet. Slight smokey notes (not as much...

      USD 46.74
      In Stock
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      USD 9.06 In Stock

      Tea bushes growing on Wu Liang mountain elevated around 2000m.alt. Fresh tea leafs processed and pressed into the 100g  sheng pu-erh tuo cha by Nan Jian tea factory. Slight smokey flavor of tea soup from hard pressed tea leafs is golden color and gives you a sweet mouthfeel with touch of orchid. Mild but still noticable "hui gan" will emerge along with...

      USD 9.06
      In Stock
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      USD 4.97 In Stock

      "You will be eating smoked sausage" as mouth sensation appears like with the first infusion from this hard pressed tuo cha. Meaty flavor will fade away with 2nd steep and persistent typical smoky flavor is accompanied by gentle sweetness. Noticeably bitter but not astringent tea liquor will gain on sweetness if you play around with brewing time.

      USD 4.97
      In Stock
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      USD 54.77 In Stock

      Smoky notes will hit your taste buds within the first sip and will last during many infusions. Dark yellow tea liquor of vintage sheng pu will give you sweet lingering sensation on top of the tongue and bitter feeling under. The wrapper is ripped in some places because the old age so we provide additional protection of the cake.

      USD 54.77
      In Stock
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      USD 20.45 In Stock

      There isn't a such strong smokey impact on your taste buds as classic tu cha pu-erh teas have.The dark golden color tea sup has noticeable notes of "mei li" type of Chinese plum which is common for Yi Wu teas, but we also noticed it in some high quality Feng Qing black teas or some older white tea. Warming sensation with sweetness railing the both sides...

      USD 20.45
      In Stock
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      USD 90.55 In Stock

      Crystal clear ruby red tea liquor is rich and sweet! No any weird wet or dry notes in present give sign of very good storage. The caramelo-walnutty scent from the hot gai wan lid will tell you about the unique fermentation. As a vintage tea it needs few infusions to start releasing real "juice" , but then it keeps going.

      USD 90.55
      In Stock
    Showing 25 - 36 of 89 items