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As its common that different people have different taste.In this section we are offering you 25g samples of our yellow tea to try,before decide purchase larger amount, whole pack , cake, etc.

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    Spring tea leafs from County Huo Shan located in Anhui province. This is a type of green tea which has an additional post-processing to diminish original excessive bitterness of the green leafs which will turn to yellow-ish color after. It's recommended to use lower temperatures for brewing in order to get sweet and rich tea liquor. Yellow tea was very...

    USD 6.62 USD 7.36 -10%
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    High grade yellow tea made of fresh spring buds and small leafs picked in Puer area. Honeyish notes with touch of sweet corn would be overall rough description. This yellow tea is quite different from Huo Shan Huang Ya , we also offer. The taste quite reminds light processed Dianhong black tea in certain way. We believe it's caused by processing rather...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items