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  • Nan Jian

    Nanjian ( 南涧 )
    tea factory doesn't have a long tea producing history in Yunnan province, but it’s known their Phoenix(Fenghuang) Tuo Cha branded by Gu De. The factory has been established in 1985 and since then they started produce the Phoenix tuo cha. The tea factory is located Wu Liang shan ( Wuliang mountain ) ,so most of the tea material comes from growing around old and arbor tea trees.

  • Shi Dun

    Shi Dun
    in translation means something like " keep this moment" , which would be a main drinking tea philosophy of founder of this small pu-erh tea company based in Kunming. Lia , the founder, believes in good quality tea and focusing that way. With many years of experience in tea business she has learned how how to select right tea material and sell it right way.

  • Tong Qing Hao 1

    Tong Qing Hao ( 同庆号 ) was one of famous brand tea in Pu’er tea history,with more than 275 years history which started in early in Qing dynasty (1736 AD) . The founder had established the Pu-erh tea manufacture in Yiwu named Tong Qing Hao and since then to world war.

  • Xia Guan

    Xia guan Tuo Cha (下关沱茶)
    Xia Guan Tuo Cha ,also named Yunnan Tuo Cha that has origin from the Ming Dynasty. It is one of compressed forms of Pu Er Tea, usually it`s smaller than pu-erh tea cake,that is easily to carry to anywhere,therefore it had been popular during the Ancient
    Tea Route. Xiaguan Tuo Cha is known as high quality tea with long history and typical intensive Cha Qi with smoky flavor.

  • Xie

    Mr. Xie
    ( 谢 - means thanks )..the real tea master,  a person who has very good knowledge of tea fermentation with many years experiences of producing the tea. In the past he was working for Da Yi Tea Company as a one of the shu cha suppliers , which could be one of the aspect why we selected him for our shop. He keeps shu pu-erh tea in high standard and in limited amount of production but also have very good quality sheng cha.
  • Yi Cun Guang Yin

    Yi Cun Guang Yin ( 一寸光阴)
    In 2010, a young couple started off their own new brand of tea, named Yi Cun Guang Yin.
    Before they were working like sales people tea brands or tea manufacturers like Da Yi , Lao Tong Zhi or Long Sheng.
    During those years working this kind of 'no future job' they’ve got an opportunity to get in touch with farmers ,
    tea producers etc. Didn't take long when they started to learn how the tea business works and opened up their own.
    We choose them for our shop for a wide selection ( locations ) of their teas and quality / price .

  • Yin Sheng

    Jianshui tea pot master originally from Jing De Zhen running small family pottery business producing teapots and gaiwans from Zi Tao - Jianshui purple clay.

Showing 13 - 24 of 32 items