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Zhang Lao Shi

Mr. Zhang
...long time ago working for CNNP tea company as sales manager in export department mainly focusing on CCCP market and other countries in eastern block. Being exposed to production area during the official visits of buyers he started realized the potential of tea processing knoledge and started gettig more involved into that field. Few years later he applied for transfer in production department which he was soon partialy in charge of. Few years ago he retired but his passion about the tea remains, so we are lucky to get something out of his private production. His best output as far as we concern would be his black tea. 
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    Authentic way of fermentation gives this shu pu-erh from Baoshan arbor tea trees very distinctive flavour from others. It has a scent of old red wood with the pleasant hint of traditional Chinese medicine, at the very first  brew tea gives sweet sensation in mouth and back of the tongue. This is small private processed batch with handwritten calligraphy...

    USD 28.00
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item