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  • Yu Luo ( tou chun ) - 1st. harvest
    Yu Luo

    Yunnan high grade green tea mostly...

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Yunnan Yongde tea company located in Lincang area ,south of Yunnan and its a very first tea company established in Yongde in 1973.

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    Wild sweetness of "ye sheng" pu-erh with very light sour notes and the back of the tongue are appearing after 3rd cup and touch of dry wood. Da Xue Shan wild tea tree variety leafs medium pressed with "ye sheng ya bao" and stored in Yong De tea factory until spring 2018 when moved to Kunming. We have bought last 2 tongs of this well balanced and clean...

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    Bitter dark chocolate scent comes out from hot gaiwan. Clean sweet tea liquor with noticeable dry wood notes. Well settled shu puerh in Yongde county for many years. White dots on the surface are from the wrapping paper so don’t worry , it’s not a fungus. The tea leafs are from Mi Feng Shan mountain are from small arbor trees , so you can sometimes find...

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    Tea leafs from arbor trees growing on Big Snow Mountain ,hard pressed into the 250g tea brick. Very strong sheng puerh tea with sweet notes and flowery background , bitter and bit astringent tea liquor will open up your tonsils with powerful "ba chi". Definitely not a ladies daily drinker but more than likely meat eaters would appreciate it as digestive...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items