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In Wu's family tea garden there are mostly small arbor trees and bush trees.


picking tea

They have also few bigger ones.

big tree


Some of them are originally big trees, as noticeable on tree trunks, but local farmers cut them down to make it easier for them reach the leafs. 




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    1st spring harvest of Fengqing Dianhong tea consisting 1 tip / bud and 1 - 1 leaf. Golden tips release slight honey notes which can be also experienced when exhaling through the nose during the drinking. It is not as obvious like in Mi Xiang Jin Ya tea though. This tea has it's bitterness as any regular black tea but with sweet notes staying on tongue...

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    Ye Sheng Hong from spring tea leafs from Feng Qing area picked up in spring from young tea trees.Typically fruity scent from gaiwan which turns slight sour in taste along with sweet potato notes. Substantial amount of scattered "ya bao" give an extra sweet hint which is well balanced with bitterness of the tea leaf it self. This is affordable version of...

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    Chinese Red is the translation of this famous tea which comes out in different variations and price tags. This spring harvest from Fengqing is the medium grade / price range one. Fully oxidized with typical gao xiang technique processed tea leaf releases remarkable chocolate scent out from the first brew. The touch of roasted nuts can be also experienced...

    USD 3.80
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items