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Dan Cong tea farmer Liu family
Liu's family live in Wudong village located on  Wu Dong Shan which is part of the Feng Huang Shan - The Phoenix mountain ( one of the main areas producing  Dancong tea ). Liu's family keep the tradition of processing tea for four generations and in his tea garden you can find tea trees over 200 years old.
Whole family is engaged in the Dancong production business and we directly cooperate with them.

Farmer's tea garden

Picking leafs from old tea tree

Dancong Tea plantation

Tall tea tree

Picking the tea leafs

Planting new tea trees

South side plantation

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    USD 19.04 In Stock

    Medium oxidised and roasted tea leaves from the first spring harvest of old trees " lao cong". Beautiful floral  aroma fills the room after the first pour of hot water. Distinctive scent which is rich in orchid notes also reflected in cup accompanied with touch of honey in aftertaste. Fruity sweet through many steps with touch of bitterness during longer...

    USD 19.04
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    USD 6.88 Out of stock
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    Very interesting black tea from our Dan Cong farmer.  Honey scent with woody notes . The crispy clear golden tea liquor has very sweet and fruity body leaving pleasant sensation in your mouth right after the first cup.

    USD 6.88
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    USD 19.20 In Stock

    Although "Gao" means tall but it's rather reflecting the fact that those tea trees haven't been trimmed or any other way looked after. The 2022 harvest had been sitting at the farmers storage for a year and after roasted again in February 2023. This double roast with some natural oxidation " can also say taste transforamtion " gave some unique notes of...

    USD 19.20
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    USD 14.24 In Stock

    Flowery scent with touch of roasted almonds followed by same mouthfeel experience , would be probably the main description of this medium roasted dancong from older tea trees of Liu family. In certain steppings the roast notes are dominating over the flowers but sweet fruity candy sensation forms up on both sides of the tongue after few cups and stay...

    USD 14.24
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    USD 14.56 In Stock

    As the name suggests "Tong Tian Xiang" - the fragrance up to the sky, Dancong from old arbors is trully very aromatic and that also is reflected in taste. The powerful flowerness from the gaiwan will scent the room, sort of lavender-ish notes will stay in the mouth during the all session and slowly retrieve at the end. If you are a fan of the Green Ya Shi...

    USD 14.56
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items