Frequently asked questions.

1. How to purchase different amounts than set on default.

You can buy different amounts of loose tea from 12g to 1000g of any loose tea and 12 - 2500 (7x357g) almost any pressed tea in our shop. 

choose amount of tea

Use drop-down product menu to select the sample option.

2. How to search tea by other criteria - using tags

Our website dividing tea into different categories, subcategories by most used preferences by general tea drinker. Yet, there are other criteria which can be used in search and we included them as a tags.

Sheng puer group

Click on desired group or subgroup from main menu.

Show all tea

Press "Show All" in order to get a result filter from all products in the group. ( if not press Show All , the filter will apply only to products on current page )

The same rule applies to all filter tools located on the left side of the page !


Select desired tag.

Please note , that taste notes are our subjective taste experience and also might vary based on many factors ( water used, brewing style..etc. ). Please consider that as a rough reference only!