Dear friends, because of insufficient logistics the Surface, SAL, AIR shipping methods are being mostly suspended. China post has issued new additional fees for parcels EMS and ePacket. ( fee per parcel )

Asia: + 15CNY

US: + 20CNY

South and Central America : +40CNY

Europe: +20CNY

Others : +40CNY








We ship goods two times per week and our courier doesn't work weekends and on main Chinese public holidays. Apologies for inconvenience. Please note we are not in control of delivery time ( we are not a couriers ) . Shipping time might be much longer if parcel sent during or before some holidays like Christmas. Thanks for understanding!


Go to the My Account / My orders ( located in the footer of our website ) , click on button "Details" and scroll down the page.


Because so many variations of customer's order, we can't precisely count total weight of parcel before it is packed all together. We know exact weight of each item but we don't know how much protecting material and how big
( how heavy ) box would be for all items you order.
We prefer to be fair with the shipping cots so we do it this way : Each item has bumped up the weight in the system module a bit ( which simulates possible wrapping or protecting material ), so the estimated shipping cots are based only on predicted total weight. That's why we don't use PayPal module for payment straight after the order, but we send you a payment request ( PayPal ) later with actual cost of shipping ( when we pack the box and weight it ) which you have right to refuse if you feel its not correct. If that is that case, please let us know immediately and we would be happy to explain the costs.

In each product , section - Product details -  we write net weigh. Please keep in mind that this is not including the weight of protection material and box weight in which we ship the item. The net weight is only for your reference , to give you an idea about how heavy product it self is ( which is important in cases like tea pots ). The protection material and shipping box might vary from 10% to 50% of weight of the item ( depends on the product ). Teapot in gift box can gain more than double of the weight ( gift boxes 260 -500g ).

If your order exceeds 2kg a little bit ( 100-200g ) the module of course will not  offer the possibility of EMS 2kg small pack, but in some cases we still can fit Your products into the pack of total weight 2kg.
In this case, we automatically send it via EMS small pack and of course You pay the equivalent shipping fee ( cheaper ).

If your package happened to be heavier or lighter than the estimated weight set up in our system, we change the shipping price in our back office and and it will appear in your account - orders located in the footer of our website.   


EMS e-packet - usual estimation tolerance +/- 2$max.
EMS - usual estimation tolerance +/- 5.3$max. Surface,SAL,AIR - depends on fee per 1kg ( so usual estimation is +/- 1kg price )
Please do not hesitate to contact us with shipping calculation prior your order is you don't feel confident with proceeding order do to the estimated price.


There are more then 60 countries where we can ship our parcels from Kunming, but we haven’t had set shipping module to all of them yet. If you can't find your country in the scroll down option , please do not hesitate and contact us. We will add your country into our system.
We highly recommend to create your user account before shopping ( with address of shipping ) in order to see approx. how much delivery could cost, otherwise the system will automatically calculate shipping to its pre-set country and chooses default shipping method which might be very different with your case.

Not all shipping methods are available for every country! So if your country is in our system already, but you can't find preferred
shipping method, that means this method is not available for your country yet.
Delivery time written for each shipping method can not be guaranteed. We ship all our goods from Kunming which has no international base for export so package must go to another big city first and it could take up to 7 days before it gets cleared out by customs in cities like Shanghai, Beijing or Guangzhou.
Every international parcel must pass trough the China Customs and Customs of the destination country. We simply can't control or be responsible for the delays or returns from Customs of your country.

Those delays or returns can be caused , for example , by importing prohibited items like bamboo or bamboo leaf package for some Pu-erh tea. So please check with you country's
import policy and let us know in “Order comment “ ( 3
rd. Step in order process ) so we can avoid any problems related to this matter.

Please make sure that all your details ( like delivery address ..etc. ) are correct!  If your parcel can’t be delivered due to the wrong information provided, we are not taking any responsibility for that and can’t cover the expenses related to returning the package. ( for more details please read Return & Refund policy section )

We send a PayPal request to your registered  e-mail address. If you wish to use different email address for your PayPal payment, please notify us in "Leave message" section during the checkout or contact us after.

If we don't get in touch with you within 2 days , please contact us directly via e-mail ( not via "Contact us"  page ). In many cases customers mistype their email address and we don't have any other way to keep touch with them. They also cant log-in to their account if they try to use their correct e-mail. 


1. Surface

Is the cheapest but also the slowest method of shipping. It can take up to 4 months to the package to get delivered and it has no tracking system. However it is still reliable method of shipping because it can be insured for loss. Unfortunately it can not be insured for damage of items! So we do not recommend use this method for fragile items like tea pots, cups or other tea-ware. We cant refund the broken items if send by surface method.

The shipping is calculated per kg.

2. SAL( sea, air , land )

Combination of 3 ways of shipping which also not really suitable for fragile items like tea pots or loose leafs. It takes 2 - 8 weeks to the parcel reach its destination. However , there are occasionally cases when the AIR part is not available in the time of actual shipping and China Post ship the parcel via SEA. That could take up to 4 months to arrive! We are not in control of that decision and it's very random . If customer chooses this method anyway, we do pack all fragile items the way to avoid possible damage ( the whole package is much bigger then ) , however we still cant grantee the safe arrival of the item nor can redound any broken item.

The shipping is calculated per kg.

3. AIR

Shipping by AIR method is ,in most cases ,the most expensive method of shipping we use and not the fastest one at the same time. Takes 12 – 30 days to deliver the parcel , but has a limited tracking system
( in some countries doesn't work properly ) and it's not updated frequently as often as EMS.

The shipping is calculated per kg.

4. EMS

This is the fastest and safest method of shipping and for some countries not to much expensive than SAL, but for some countries can be more expensive than AIR.  Delivery takes 5 – 20 days and real time tracking is provided with each parcel. After your order has been shipped ,you will receive tracking number with link to the website where you can track your order and some cases even when the parcel is already in your country ( some countries postal services also recognize EMS tracking ).

The shipping is calculated per 500g.

5. Surface up to 2kg ( package less than 2kg )

This method is basically same as regular Surface shipping and it takes much longer to deliver the goods ( specially
overseas countries can take up to 40 days ) then SAL. Advantage is that shipping weight is calculated per 100g , so it is very suitable for small parcels.
With small parcels the packing ( box and protecting material ) might take a big part of total weight ( exmp.500g ). This method is available only for few countries at the moment, but it has been upgraded ( expanded ) since last year and we believe that in the near future we can cover most of the countries by this shipping service.

The shipping is calculated per 100g.

6. SAL up to 2kg ( package less than 2kg )

This method is basically same as regular SAL with an advantage of the shipping weight being calculated per 100g , so it is very suitable for small parcels.
With small parcels the packing ( box and protecting material ) might take a big part of total weight ( exmp.500g ). This method is available only for few countries at the moment, but it has been upgraded ( expanded ) since last year and we believe that in the near future we can cover most of the countries by this shipping service. Time of delivery could be from 10-30 days.

The shipping is calculated per 100g.

7. AIR up to 2kg ( package less than 2kg )

It is a same as  AIR , takes 2 – 4 weeks to deliver and it's only for parcels less then 2kg.With small parcels the packing ( box and protecting material ) might take a big part of total weight ( exmp.500g ). Tracking is same as the regular AIR method.

8. EMS e-packet ( package less than 2kg and 5kg )

This method is same as regular EMS but it's advantage is that shipping weight is calculated per 50g , so it is very suitable for small parcels.
With small parcels the packing ( box and protecting material ) might take a big part of total weight ( exmp.500g ). E-pack method is available only for few countries at the moment, but it has been upgraded ( expanded ) since last year and we believe that in the near future we can cover most of the countries by this shipping service.

The shipping is calculated per 50g.



1.Lost parcel

Should your parcel not arrive within times listed below, please let us know and we will start investigating the matter.

Surface - after 10 weeks since posting
SAL - after 7 weeks since posting (
Small Parcels SAL - 3 months since posting ) AIR - after 5 weeks since posting (Small Parcels AIR - 3 months since posting ) EMS - after 21 days since posting

Should we decide that your parcel is indeed lost in transit we will offer to re-ship without additional charges. We will re-ship the replacement parcel using the original shipping method you paid for. Should you want to upgrade to a faster shipping method for the replacement parcel you will be charged the difference between the original method and the upgrade shipping method.

2.Broken item

If you receive parcel with broken item, please let us know immediately. We would ask you to take few pictures of broken item and the box from outside to see what could possible cause damage. Altho we pack fragile items accurately in bubble wrap or other soft wrapping material, there is a still chance they brake on the journey.

In certain cases we can replace or re-fund the item ( please check shipping methods for more details ).
If you choose to replace the item, we can send it to you with next order you make. If you desire to take different item for the same price , please let us know, we will be happy to do so.

3.Returned parcel

If Customs of your country disallow entry of the parcel or couldn’t be delivered because wrong address, we can't take responsibility for that so please make sure you are well informed about customs requirements of your country before placing the order and check your shipping address you put into our registration system ( we print it straight out from the system without any editing ).

If the parcel returns to us , we can refund the items but not shipping fee . Also returning shipping fee ( from your country ) will be deducted from the total refund.
Please be aware that there ate no 100% refunds for items send back to us so your only option is to ask send the parcel back to us ( pay the relevant postage fee ) .

We can also try send it again , but you will be charged for the shipping again.

Please note: We can not take any responsibility for your local postal service! If parcel reached your country but got lost by your local postal service , we can't claim any loss from China Post ( which is our primary courier ) . However we will do our best to find the parcel or claim ( if possible ) directly from postal service of your country.


Returns may be made for items but only if they are un-opened. Customer will pay return shipping to China before a refund is processed. You have 40 days from the date of receipt of goods to return them to us.
For the returning items must to be a valid reason. Not liking the tea or item is not a valid reason. Please order our offered tea samples before purchase full cake, brick or bigger amount of loose tea. If there is tea you would like to try and its not listed in our samples category, please let us know. 
If the samples are available in our shop, we will be happy to put it in our system ( online shop ) for sale. 

If package has been returned by the customs of your country or refused by airlines of your country operating in Chinese airports for reason of the prohibited items to be imported to your country, we can repack the order and send it again, but have to charge the shipping fee again. We can refund the items without the shipping fee and minus 10% of the full amount you have paid ( that's the PayPal and conversion fees we have to pay each payment received from the customer and it's not refundable for us as well  )
. In any case we can't compensate / refund the shipping fee because we are fully charged from our courier.

Packages returned / not delivered due to the customer's mistake ( wrong address, not being at the place of delivery, wrong tax number , if required by local customs , etc. ) the refund policy is same as written above.

If the parcel has been stopped by your local customs for any reason and not being returned to us, we can refund anything. If package has been stopped by customs because of pestcide control check , we do not refund money unless us - Yunnan Craft - guarantee personal pesticide test. Please read more details about Organic certified teas in Our Tea section.

By confirming that the your package has been delivered, you letting us know that parcel is in order and there is no any problem. Please read Delivery Confirmation below.


When you receive your parcel and everything is in order, please Confirm Delivery in your Order History by clicking on green button " Confirm Delivery" . Your Loyalty Points for this order will be automatically validated right after. If you don't confirm the delivery within 53 days from the shipment , we will send you a Confirmation Delivery email. If you choose not react to this email within following 7 days , we will assume that your order has arrived without any issues and system will automatically change the status to "Delivered".
Please note : By confirming the delivery you also confirm that the parcel arrived without any problems ( no broken items etc.) , so no claims can be proceed after that!