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  • Xiao Zhu

    Xiao Zhu is young farmer from Yi Wu. He is the 3rd farming generation in his family.
    Very modest and smart young man who after inheriting grandpa's tea garden
    was looking for the growing business options.


    He realized potential of his tea and set up his own small brand.

  • Wu Family

    Young couple from Feng Qing used to sell the fresh green leafs from their tea garden to the local big tea factory.
    Didn't take long when they realized options of their own tea business and set up a small tea manufacture.


    Mr. Wu got him self employed in cooperated factory first, to get an experience with processing the tea
    ( since he was just picking fresh leafs up to that time ) and few years later bought a second hand equipment
    for tea processing. It is hard for them to compete with big tea factories around,
    but as we observed their garden with production , there is no sign of chemicals, pesticides.
    Their tea seems to be organic , but we dont have any certificate for that. However ,
    there are some nice teas coming out from Mr.Wu "kitchen" and we are happy to cooperate with them.

  • Dai Family

    Dai family is from Lincang area , Meng Ku. Their tea garden has small arbor trees
    but they also buying green tea leafs from the other farms or gardens with Gu Shu trees.


    In the past Mr.Dai with his best friend set up a small tea company called Chun Yi Yun ,
    but few years later he decided to do only his own stuff with family.
    They processing their fresh tea leafs in Mengku tea factory called Heng Meng ,
    so that is the name of their new brand.

  • Liu Family

    Dan Cong tea farmer  - Liu family
    Liu's family live in Wudong village located on  Wu Dong Shan which is part of the Feng Huang Shan - The Phoenix mountain ( one of the main areas producing  Dancong tea ). Liu's family keep the tradition of processing tea for four generations and in his tea garden you can find tea trees over 200 years old.


    Whole family is engaged in the Dancong production business and we directly cooperate with them.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 34 items