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    Other Provinces
    Black ( red )  tea from other provinces in China

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    • Fujian

      Fujian Province located at southeastern in China.
      It is another important tea area in China with long tea history like Yunnan.
      Fujian province produces many types of tea ,such as : Oolong tea, White tea, Black tea, etc.

    • Guangdong

      Guangdong Province located at southeastern in China
      and it is know for Oolong tea, - Dan Cong.

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      USD 6.88 In Stock
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      Very interesting black tea from our Dan Cong farmer.  Honey scent with woody notes . The crispy clear golden tea liquor has very sweet and fruity body leaving pleasant sensation in your mouth right after the first cup.

      USD 6.88
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      USD 0.64 In Stock

      Higher quality of Lapsang souchong with light aroma of touch of fruits in brewed leaves and of course the roast. Sweet aftertaste with gentle sour hint lingering at the back of the tongue generating saliva in your mouth making the drinking experience even better. The tea is packed in individual 5g sealed packs to protect the tea leaf aroma and taste ,...

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      USD 3.36 In Stock
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      Dark chocolate notes coming from the dry dark roasted high grade tiny tea leafs picked in Wuyi mountain located in Fujian prov. Strong and dark thick tea liqour your are going to get right after the first infusion.Bitter-sweet sensation in your mouth and dark prune notes with very light smokiness which is the sign of traditional processing. Slight fruity...

      USD 3.36
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      USD 4.96 Out of stock

      Small tea leafs growing in Anhui province known for their specific processing of slow withering and oxidation processes. Standard grade of famous and very expensive in higher grades  Qi Men Hong Cha , as well called Keemun Black Tea , has very pleasant cocoa taste due to "gao xiang" high temperature processing. Slight smokey notes can be also experienced...

      USD 4.96
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    Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items